Murder of Crows ~ Anne Bishop

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Two drugs are causing problems with both humans & Others. One makes you hyped up & insane, thinking your own the world & can take down anything. One that makes you so mellow. Both can cause you to over dose, because of the need for this drug.
Meg is having visions about the effects of them plus visions of children being taking.

Meg is, also, having issues where her relationship with Simon. She is learning to be a normal adult. Without the understand of her feelings, or other feelings from others. The relationship “issues” with Simon & her had me laughing. Neither of them seem to understand the feelings they have for one another. While others see it all too clearly.

Simon is searching for where this drug comes from. He is searching for the Controller, who still wants Meg back. Simon is, also, working to find a way to keep peace between the Others & humans. But he is determined to make sure the humans do not “overstep” the agreement they have with the Others.

Ms. Bishop (GoodReads link) did an amazing job in part two. I cannot wait to read book 3 in this series. She created a world groups of individuals have to learn to live together. Through the ups & downs, from the dislike to like.
Start with Written in Red. Move on to Murder of Crows. Next on the list is Vision in Silver (which I cannot wait to get my hand on!!!).


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Filed under paranormal, supernatural, were/shifters

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