Some Girls Bite ~ Chloe Neill

What I look for in a book … Well, it’s pretty simple. Paranormal, helps. Amazing characters, a huge plus. But the main thing is when an author can pull you in with the the 1st chapter, as in you are hooked & want to keep reading til you reach the end. If they have that talent, you will find the rest of the book to be simply one of the best reads you come across. Now that being said, on with my review Smile

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I don’t like to give out parts of the book. But this is one of my favorite in this book:
”Luc raised his gaze to mine. “I assume you looked though the Web site last night and can take us through the C-41 subsets?”
I swallowed down the keen sense of panic. It was like living a nightmare – the one where you were unprepared for an exam & you showed up to the test completely naked? Here I was, nicely dressed, but still about to be humiliated in front of the the squad of Cadogan guards. I might as well have skipped the wardrobe upgrade.
I open my mouth to spit out some kind of response – an apology, a couple of lame sentences about the importance of House security in the days of dueling alliances (& Ethan said I never listened!) – when Luc was hit, square in the face, with a flying piece of jerky.”

I about died reading this in the middle of a vampire guard meeting! Yep, it was a meeting of the Cadogan Guards. (Thankfully my inhaler was close by.)

Now that being put out there. This book had pretty much all of what I love to read. Smart-arses, paranormal/supernatural, characters of all types (good, bad & the WTF “where did you come from”), little mystery, some murder (well not my favorite but it adds to the “why”), some minor sexual “scenes” (not graphic or hard core) … oh I can go on, but I will save you from my long lists Winking smile

I loved reading about how a Merit when from graduate student to vampire. How she felt about the change, how her family reacted, and how she came to accept what happened to her. It was not an easy task for her to come to terms with, but the manner in which she handled it was pretty good. Not always complete mature, but in that situation, you really didn’t expect it to “I am an adult, I can handle this like an adult” type of response. She handled it in a way that was many probably would have handle it.

Ms. Neill (authors site) created a world where Vampire’s have pretty much come out of the closet in Chicago. Where they have chosen stop hiding from humans, and try to work into society.
But even they have their laws, which must be abided. A lesson that Merit much learn. By reading the “Canon of the North American Houses, Desk Reference,” Merit is able to get the general idea of other supernatural, and the laws of the Vampires. Even though she does screw up a few times, here & there … but who doesn’t?

Merit isn’t going through this alone. She has her friends & her grandfather (who is more than expected). Mallory is discovered to be a sorceress. Catch is one as well, but he is also her combat trainer. Jeff, who is love sick over all females, is a great friend. Luc, he’s the head of the guards. Ethan is the Master of the Cadogan House plus a bit of a “tight ass.” Lindsey, guard but good friend. Amber is one of those you really won’t trust turning your back on type of individuals. Malik is 2nd in command over the house.

If you like series or paranormal/supernatural, this is a definite book to read. I can’t wait to get started on book two.


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