Blood by Moonlight ~ Jocelynn Drake, Terri Garey, Caris Roane


Enjoyed the stories. I always find it so interesting then they group together short stories into on book. The how & why always cross my mind. But in the end, I am just content to simply enjoy.

Gage standing up to the Winter Court. As if Gage doesn’t have enough in his live to deal with, he’s asked by the Alpha for help. (Yes, the same one he turned into a Chihuahua for two weeks ID-10069827)
It is time for the Winter Court’s Wild Hunt87b427b79c369de499e33ff76809be0b, during the full moon. In steps a request, and Gage being who he is … well, we all know that he just has to do something.

The two witches who must stand together to fight off evil. One witch is highly pissed that her home was sold, and the current owner REFUSES to sell it back to her. But he’s got a few secrets up his sleeve, ones that will slightly shock her. Also, there is a ghost with her own agenda.

Reading about how a bond can be created between Vamp & human (hot & steamy). Some use it for “true love” while others simply use it to bound humans simply for blood. This specific human has completely driven this Master Vamp complete crazy. From there is becomes interesting, as well as hot & steamy. (this one has few sex scenes in it)85a7085c247e2cfce64721e86f8d9427



Plus the excerpts from the 2 other books, gives provides you with other tales to read. Or at least when I checked out the Kindle Version from the OverDrive library. (Yes, people that link is so worth having!!!)


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