Hard Bitten ~ Chloe Neill

I got to reading, and hit a dead point for me. I was getting sick of Celina, even though she made one heck of a twisted villain. My issue was she was caught but was constantly released to do what ever she pleased just because she was a member of the GP.
Don’t get me wrong, Ms. Neill’s writing has gotten better with each story. But the one contestant villain can … well, be a buzz kill. This is isn’t batman or superman or what ever comic book.
Now that being said. Boy was I wrong on this one. Celina was part of the story, but the main creep came out.
“Every time!” he yelled. “Every time I manage to bring things under control, we become enmeshed in bullshit again!”
And then he pivoted and thrust out— and punched the tree.
Neill, Chloe (2011-05-03). Hard Bitten: A Chicagoland Vampires Novel (pp. 36-37). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Ethan & Merit meet with Tate, who threatens to arrest Ethan because there are raves occurring in the city where humans are supposedly being murdered. Tate gives the information to intestate the raves & to end them.
Ethan hands this investigation over to Merit who use part of the RG to help track down the raves. Still a secret she is keeping from Ethan & the House.
She discovers a drug, V. But until later she does not know what it is for or who it is for. One of the typical games that Celina likes to play in her twisted little games.
But in this story, we have a new player. Darius West who is the the Head of the Greenwich Presidium (GP). Merit meets Darius completely by mistake & it goes down hill from here between them.
“It was in a high-rise in Streeterville, but it wasn’t an intimate rave, not like we think of them. This was at least two dozen vamps. A lot of magic, a lot of glamour, and a lot of fighting. Everyone was on a hair trigger, like they were waiting for an excuse to rumble.
There were plenty of humans, and some bloodletting. There’s also a possibility they’re being drugged to make them susceptible to glamour.”
Ethan’s eyes shifted to something behind me.
“Sire,” he said after a moment, “this is Merit, Sentinel of Cadogan House. Merit, Darius West. Head of the Greenwich Presidium.”
Oh, snap.

Neill, Chloe (2011-05-03). Hard Bitten: A Chicagoland Vampires Novel (p. 128 – 129). Penguin Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

Of course Ms. Neill broke my heart in this tale, but gave it a little healing at the end. Sorry, but that is just part of the the story you will have to read to know what is going on.


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