Chimera ~ Vaun Murphrey


I wasn’t really sure this was the kinda of book that was in the type of books I read. When it comes to several of the items that Ms. Murphrey connected to a few times … I was afraid that such an interesting story was going to turn into something that I just didn’t much care for. Boy was I was wrong.

A girl, Cassandra, is held captive in a cell for 8 yrs. After watching her hearing her parents murdered, and then seeing their bodies. She is abused for anything they believe is “wrong.” She never sees another child for this entire time. Her only company are two guards, who never talk to her. She is taken once a year for a physical.
Basically, there is not life in all of this. It is simply being held captive in a room where she is give food and exercise but pretty much nothing else. No communication with others, no education, no joy, no fun, no books … nothing but the cell they leave her in.

Until she is 13, when she hits puberty. Her captives decide to be a little sicker, and more twisted. She appears to others who are like her, who are going to do what they can to save her but in the end it comes down to Cassandra deciding what she must do to save herself. Who she must trust, who she must run from, and who she should learn from … even though she is pretty much a genius.

In this story, you might find a few mistakes. Here and there, but I am impressed by Ms. Murphrey’s beginnings. I am on book 2, Changeling, and her writing has grown as the story has grown.

This is one of those stories that is worth the time to read & enjoy!


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