Spider’s Bite ~ Jennifer Estep


“My name is Gin & I kill people.”
LOL and that is one way to introduce yourself in an insane asylum! Go Spider, which is the name Gin uses when she is on the job.

This book gives you the general idea as to how Gin became Spider, not in 100% detail. But in enough detail that it gives you why she is who she is … and why.
Now, add in a Detective that has a stick up his arse because he does not see people who for who they are really are. Instead, he has on those rose colored glasses where all the “bad” people are really actually truly evil … and “good” people are angels who never do any wrong. See the problem there? (See why she wants to throttle him at times?)

Coming back from an assassin ready for a vacation, only to have a client who request that they job done the NEXT night. This leaves out a lot of planning tossed out the window. Not such a great idea but the price seems to pull them in … only question comes down, is it worth it?

Although Gin has elemental powers but does not use them to do her job, either of them as a matter of fact. How is that for a surprise?


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Filed under Crime, Elementals, Library, murder, paranormal, series, supernatural

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