Ellie Jordan, Ghost Trapper ~ J.L. Bryan


Walking into a house that may or may not be haunted. Training an assistant, and the boss wants to add in a new psychic. Wow … things couldn’t get more interesting for Ellie Jordan, right?
Ellie soon discovers that the house is haunted. But from there everything goes down hill. Sure she sure remove the goes ghost, but right after that everything in that house goes insane!

Ellie & her team must investigate to find the really reason for the haunting. And who is actually doing the haunting.

J.L. Bryan does a decent job writing the book. There are a few things that seem a bit strange when you are reading this. You get some back story but not too much. As for the equipment, they give you a little bit of an idea as to how it works but not the entire idea. More can be put into that. But over all it was a good story.


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