Meg: Primal Waters ~ Steve Alten


I have read the 1st two. Book one scared the hades out of me. Just the thought of this shark ever existing was enough to give me nightmares. Book 2 wasn’t too great.
This book was well worth the wait, and it was way better than book 2.
She is back & it is time for her to breed. Tracking her is a male. But you will find that there is another male also coming to the surface.
Can they trap her in her original tank or will this trap cost far too many lives.

Steve Alten picks up his writing and shows that he learned his lesson form book 2. He pulls out all the stops & puts you on the edge of your seat. Will she own the oceans or will be the held in the aquarium keep man-kind safe from being her latest snack? And what will happen with the two males? Will they become a threat to man or not?


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