Wake of the Bloody Angel ~ Alex Bledsoe


Walk Read into book 4, and find yourself pretty much blown away. I found this novel, which is NOT historical (lucky for me) and it is not has romance in it (which is actually nice to run across every so often).
But who doesn’t like to read about pirates & swordsmen? Or the kick ass female version of that?

Eddie Lacrosse is what you would call a PI of the “olden age,” or in this case they call him “freelance sword jockey.” Pay him his standard fee and he will do the job you hire him to do, provided it’s up to his standards (or so it seems).

In this case, Angie hires him to find Edward Tew. Leaving out a few details, which Eddie picks up on the trail, rather quickly. Notifying Angie that leaving out info is considered “lying” and pretty much end all further search for Black Edward Tew. Angie provides more info to Eddie.
Eddie hires a Pirate Hunter crew (pirates turned into pirate hunters) to track Black Edwards across the seas.

From there two cases intertwine and what happens shocks Eddie to the core.

“The past never goes away.” This is something that many of the individuals of this story learn, again & again, though out this story.
Will Eddie find Edward? Has Angie told him the entire truth? Are the two cases intertwined? Will Eddie survive this case?

All I can say is when I finished this book, my statement was “damn that was a great read.” I have to get the 1st three books and read them to find out if they are even close to this book or not. Because it seems that Mr. Alex Bledsoe is one talented writer to keep up with.


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