The Chosen (The Legend Chronicles #3) ~ Theresa Meyers



You have a close relationship with your siblings, and would go above & beyond for them. What would you do if you unknowingly walked into a trap set up by the youngest of your siblings?
Remington find that out pretty quick, and find a way out of that … but sadly makes it a little messy by BLOWING UP part of the jail. Then high tailing it out of town on a horse with China to find a treasure that may or may not stop a demon from opening the gates of hades & letting worse creatures into our world.
All this in a time where there area really no computers, cars, cell phones or any technology that many need … oh no what shall we do??? LOL

We watch Remington & China tear through everything, trying to discover if this is real or not. Learning if they can trust each other or if the next “knife in the back” is coming from the other.


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