Unleashed ~ Rebecca York, Susan Kearney, Diane Whiteside, Lucy Monroe


You began with a dream of his mate, soul mate. But there is a witch who is making it hard for them to be together, driving them apart.
So, what does our genius of a man do? Try to trick the woman in to falling for him in real life, NOT telling her that “yes, I was in the dream” & “yes, we do know each other.” Plus “no, you are not crazy.”
All to save his island … men.


Believe that he should NOT be soul mates with a mortal. Our Master Vamp does everything in his power to scare off this determined lady … who wants nothing more than to find her sister. Plain & simple.
This Master Vamp does EVERYTHING to drive this woman nuts!
 cold shower




She has loved him from the time she met him. And he has loved her but as a wolf, he cannot mate with her because it will be for life … only she doesn’t know. But of course they (his family) thinks she knows.
It’s her way or no way … and it tears him to a part. Will he pull his head out & figure out not all women run? Or will he let his true soul mate go?


More about New Atlantis. She is kidnapped, brought to a deserted island & told she is “special.” Like he is … she believes she is seriously drugged or something. But eventually begins to come around to his thinking. Will she go all the way or is it a ploy to get off the island?


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