Chants, Cheers, & Jumps ~ Craig Peters


I began reading this because my granddaughter was going to be a cheerleader. So, I needed to know what they knew … right? I ended up getting all the cheer books “just in case.”
Chants … easy. I understand, and have seen them do many times. Same with jumps & cheers. But did you know that each of these are labeled differently. That it takes more than “learning” this or that movement to learn a cheer.
My granddaughter wants to be a cheerleader … well darn it, I am  going to do my best to help her. LMAO Even if I make a fool out of myself learning these at 42/43 yrs.

If you want to learn about Cheer Leading, this is a book to start with. It will help you in so many ways. (Good luck!)


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