Phoenix (The Weaver Series) ~ Vaun Murphrey



As Ms. Murphrey wrote, you can see the change & improvement in her writing. Her characters improved & became more believable. The story pulled you in until  you wanted to stay up all night to find out what happened next. Applause for Ms. Murphrey, one that she deserves.

In book 4, both Cass & Silver must fight for their lives & the lives of all Weavers. It is no longer fighting for one Weaver here or there, it is all of them or the destruction of the entire race.

There is so much that happens that both Cass & Silver come up against so many “walls” or “issues” that they much decide on. Each could be the wrong decision, but they must choose & stand by it.

Will Silver ever return to Cass’s body? Will they survive attacking “Laser Eyes?” Will the Weaver’s survive this?

This review is short & sweet because it is the final book. There is not much I can say with out giving out “spoiler’s” & I am not going to do that this time around. Sorry … just read the series, you might find you enjoy it.


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