Shadows Strike (Immortal Guardians #6) ~ Dianne Duvall


When I 1st began this book, it was like I was picking up a book from similar series I had read a few years ago. Actually, it drove me to searching all the books I have read of the last few years to find out what series this reminded me of.
I pulled up my GoodReads, and dove into the books I had read in the past. Then I came across Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon (the Dark-Hunter series) & it all fit into place. There are some similarities but for the most part they are two completely different series. Since I rather enjoyed the Dark-Hunter series, I thought since there were SOME similarities, I would keep reading … I am so glad I did!!!

Ms. Duvall managed to create a unique world around these Immortal Guardians. One that provides you with a little mystery, battles that need to be fought to save their world, love that needs to be found by individuals who have been the saviors of that planet … plus there is the comedy that she adds in (even in the most unusual moments).
I found myself staying awake all night to finish this book. That is does not happen very often, I love to read rarely keep myself up all night just to find out how the story ends.

Heather Lane can read minds, but has been having the same dream for about a year. Where she must fight off vampires, which at 1st she does what most do … blows it off. UNTIL she find the actual field from her dreams, then she begins going there every day around the time it was in her dream.
When it finally comes true, Heather is believes that her alarm just did not wake her up. She babbles a lot to Ethan about this, but sadly he thinks she is upset or simple does not understand what she is talking about.
From there the story takes off. The connection is between Heather & Ethan is strong. But danger keeps popping it’s pretty demented head into their lives.

I won’t give away ANY spoilers. But I will tell that this book alone has me looking to get the prior books & the ones that follow. Simple because Ms. Duvall created some interesting characters in the one book I did read. I want to read their stories and the others she has written because she gave all the characters depth & personality, even the ones that were barely touched in this book. She leaves you want to read about them as well.


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