Bloodshed: A Motorcycle Club Romance ~ Olivia Jones


I don’t like when I pick up a book thinking it will be a decent read from the description of it. I have read some pretty bad ones, and even stopped reading some because of it. This is one of those books that I pressed on simply because parts of what Ms. Jones wrote was interesting. But sadly, the story needs something more added to it … it just felt like there was something missing.

Charlotte is assigned to write a paper about “Wheels of Ash MC.” She needs to discover what they are & how they work.
Liam is a member of the MC. He is the one that Charlotte is suppose to discuss the club with. Instead he takes her into an illegal sell. (Right after meeting her? Too cheesy for me.)

More could have been put into this story. It was a quick read and left you wondering “why???”  It’s “pretty much written to cover a few days … “slam, bam thank you ma’am”


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Filed under Chick LIt, Crime, Motocycle Club, romance, series

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