Hired Bride (Beaufort Brides #1) ~ Noelle Adams

Hired Bride

What would you do if your GrandMother, who raised you, kept trying to marry you off to a rich man? Well in this tale, we watch as Deanna must deal with a GrandMother of that type. One that loves her but also want the funds they no longer have.
Deanna lives in a historic Savanna home, with her GrandMother who has many items on display from past ancestors. She is proud of those items & believes the past should be remembered. (She, also, has the “Pride,” her deceased cats!)
Mitchell is a man on a mission. He want so to own the Darlington Café. Sadly, one of the owner’s is pretty much all over him … which could interfere with him getting the siblings to sell him the café. Mitchell announces that he is engaged to be married to Deanna, and her GrandMother backs him up on this.
From there a contract is created for a 6-month marriage. One that will benefit both of them. Him in getting the café deal & her family will get funds to fix the historic home. But in life, contracts don’t always means things are suppose to go as planned.
Mitchell doesn’t believe in love or marriage. Deanna wants that commitment. Two different people, who have feelings for each other … what happens from that point, well you have to pick up the book & read it for yourself.

Ms. Adams has created characters that are interesting, they are not dull or the “normal” type. They keep you wanting to find out what will happen to Mitchell & Deanna. You will find that even though the GrandMother is quite strange, you want to find out about her as well. Not to mention the two sisters, Kelley & Rose. What will happen to all the unique family treasures that are displayed in a crumbing home.
This romance tale is not exactly like some you may have read. Ms. Adams has created unique characters, and situations they are all involved in.


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