I visit this site often. Probably not as often as I do with GoodReads, but then again they are two different reading sites. (But both like getting reviews on the books you have read!)

I came across Net Galley by accident back in 2015. With this site, you request books & provide honest reviews. They do not pay you or offer anything, they just want honest reviews on the books you receive from them. Since I LOVE reading, I gave it a shot.
I requested some books, but did not have my Kindle set up right, so I did not get to read them. I have since fixed that problem & have been slowly reading the books I have requested.

This site has a variety of options for how you will get the books you request. Kindle/Kindle Fire, iPhone/iPad, computer, Nook, Android phone/tablet, Nexus phone/tablet, Kobo eReader/tablet or Sony Reader. They offer links to download a variety of different readers.
I have found some great reads from this site. The Weaver Series, where I was able to get all 3 books, was one of the 1st I read & reviewed.
They provide you with a large variety of categories. Which usually means I loose track of time just going through the books trying to find the next good read.


If you love reading, give it a shot. The set up is free. You choose the option for “Professional Reader,” fill in your bio & reading preferences. (Which you should do 1st) Once that is complete, click on the “Dashboard” button & begin search through the books they have. Choose the ones you want, but don’t forget to take a few minutes to give the author a honest review.



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