Rock You (Fallen Star #1) ~ Candy Starr

Rock You

I don’t mind reading series, but what I despise is a major CLIFF HANGER! When I read them, I like to know that part of the story is over & the next book is going to have the characters on whatever track the story is going on. But with that aside, this is a really decent book to read.

In this book you will meet Ruby, an “adult” who still has a bit of maturing to do. Yes, she is mature, but she has that child-like view on the world. After all, she became a house-keeper via Craig’s List!!!
The whole idea was madness. That was what you got for agreeing to work for someone, sight unseen, from an ad on Craigslist.
Ruby is a loner, one that would prefer to not have much to do with society. She has had a tough time in school, as well as feeling like she simply does not fit in.

Tex is a complete different story. A man hiding from the world, the “why” is what you have to find out & understand before you can understand exactly why he left society & basically life. He is the strangest hermit I have read about. Running from life, hiding in a house that should have been a home.

Will Ruby be able to pull Tex out of his depression? Will Ruby be able to open herself up, something that she has not done before? Can Tex actually heal from the wounds in his heart & mind?
Ms. Starr created two unique individuals, that need seem to need each other. She created a story that will touch your heart.
She writes about what she knows. Using her past history as a band manager to create this tale. Ms. Adams provides you with information that helps you understand these characters & the worlds they live in.


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