Sight (The Delta Girls #1) ~ Juliet Madison


This is one of those books that the cover is interesting enough that you pull up what it’s about. You decide from there if the story sound interesting. This one did for me. (Hey, if the cover is interesting, it means the story might be just as interesting.)

You are reading a 5 sisters, the oldest are twins & the youngest triplets. The triplets: Savannah, Serena & Sasha. The twins: Tamara & Taila. Who have chosen to call themselves the “Delta Girls” because of the strange situation they find themselves in.
My grin widened. To others we would always be the Delcarta sisters. But to us, we were not officially the Delta Girls.
Savannah is a 16 yr. old. She went through surgery because of an brain aneurysm. Savvy (as she is called) spent her 16th birthday in a coma, one that lasted two months. She is treated by her siblings & mother like a she might break. Or worse. She does understand why they behave this way but it annoys her.
VolleyBall Guy … better known as Riley. Riley has a story behind who he is. One that he has to decide if he can tell Savvy, if he can trust her enough.

Savvy & her sisters discover that they are each having visions. But instead of them seeing the entire thing, it is split 5 ways. Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste & Touch … meaning they have to put together what the “visions” together to fully understand.
Savvy has visions of Riley. Then she sees his father who wants a her to give him a message. The sisters don’t want her to spill their secret, and she respects that. But her heart & the message push her to tell him. Savvy must decide if she can tell him or keep this a secret. Will she tell him about the coma, without him treating her as if she would break?

Ms. Madison created a story around psychic visions. She has created a family that makes you want to keep reading to learn what they will find out. But a main mystery as to what has happened to the father, as well as they mysteries the Delta Girls must solve from the visions they are having.
The characters are always a pull. But so is the world they live in. Ms. Madison provides you with enough details you can picture it in your head. Instead of glossing over, she created an interesting town, along with interesting characters.
Creating this story in a younger generation, makes it a little interesting. Plus you don’t have the sex scenes in these books, which is a decent break.


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