The Awakening (Hasea Chronicles #1) ~ Stuart Meczes


When you begin this book, it takes a bit to get use to the idea that the writer is trying to express. It is almost like a jumble of ideas floating around but you have yet to figure out who they are all connected.
This is not your typical paranormal type of book. In this world, or worlds, you will find a new idea of where the different paranormal types come from. But to get to that point you have to go though the jumble of ideas in the beginning.
I almost stopped reading the book altogether. I did stop, and read a few others in between finishing the book. Mainly because it was starting to frustrate me. But after I got past the jumble of ideas, I discovered it to be a great read. You just have to find the patience to keep reading, because you will then discover the mystery behind what is going on in the book.

A boy, Alexander Eden,  who is bullied by kids at school & even his own stepfather (which you find out why later in the book) discovers that he is not exactly like the others he goes to school with. He shares part of this with this (half-)brother, Mikey, because he needs to be able to discuss it with someone he can truly trust.
Then enters the Gabriella De Luca, who has all the answers he needs but is there to watch him. To ensure that he makes it though the transition he is going though. But there is more to Ella than what appears in the beginning, and she must decide if she can trust Alex enough to tell him.

You will read about a large variety of types of individuals (Sage Faru, Midnight, Delagio, Sylvia, Scarlett, Dakin, Tyler, Rachel, Sophia, Selene, Lafelei, Mikey, Sage Etorre, Sage Asmund …). Each of them has a tale that improves upon the story. Each of them is just as valuable to the story as Alex & Ella, because without them … the story would crash and be nothing.

In the end, you find the jumble of ideas in the beginning to make more sense. The mystery becomes crystal clear, and you are glad you took the time to read the story.
I am looking forward to reading book two in this series. Mr. Meczes has an interesting way of putting a jumble of ideas together creating a world & story that pull you in. It is rare to find a writer that can frustrate you but keep you reading, slowly pulling you into a story.


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