The Time Traveler’s Boyfriend ~ Annabelle Costa

Time Travelers Boyfriend

Would you travel back in time to help the one you loved? This is a story that makes you wonder about all the things that could go wrong.

Claudia is dating Adam. He is in a wheelchair due to an accident from his past. He latest project is to create a time machine … to stop him from being stuck in a wheelchair.
Although Claudia and Adam have a great relationship, there are things in the past that prevent Adam to fully committing to more than they have at this time. No marriage or living together, which causes Claudia to be disappointed & angry at times.
I just wish I had met him before The Bitch ruined him for good.
Once Adam completes the time machine, “I need you to go through the wormhole,” he says to me in a low voice. “And I need you to stop me from getting hit by the car.
From this point, Claudia has to decide if she will do this for Adam. Will it be worth it? What if it changes everything between them?

The main characters are complete, but some of the extras could use more than a gloss over … more depth.
The idea around the story is well thought out.
I believe this is the 1st book I have read written by Ms. Costa. If her creativity is as good in her other books, they will prove to be a good read (as well).


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  1. Great concept for a book!

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