Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles #1) ~ Amelia Hutchins

fighting destiny

Ms. Hutchins has pulled out all stops on this book. This is not a typical Fae story. From various Fae, Witches, Vampires (who are Fae), to Humans … she brings them all together in a world recovering from the shock that “we are not alone.” (LOL yea I know that’s more a science fiction term, but it works pretty good hear.)

This story starts off with a mission, one that Syn is not exactly thrilled to be doing. Stealing the Dark Prince’s Fae crown, a job that could get the entire team killed if one things goes wrong. And boy does it go wrong.
I gave a wicked little grin at my success & step through the door – straight into the line of fire of the guns pointed at my face. I swallowed & looked around, calculating my chances of escape. I met a pair of eyes so golden it startled me. The face they belonged to was harsh & beautifully masculine. Shit.
’Abort; that’s a direct order,’ I said, my voice more calm than I was feeling.
’Syn?’ Adam shouted.

Syn is wanted so that the Fae can find an assassin, who appears to be looking to target the Light Fae Heir. She is to pose as Arianna during an Engagement Ball, hoping to pull the assassins into the opening.

With every plan there is always something that steps in the way. They begin finding bodies of Fae & Witches, who have been tortured & have body parts taken from them. Syn must find out why they are doing this, with hopes of discovering who is doing this.

Nothing in this story follows the path you think it might. Just as you begin to put the pieces together, you are provided with something that throws it off track. Besides from discovering who the assassin is, you will find that there are more mysteries to solve in this tale.

Keep dreaming, man-whore.
Ms. Hutchins pulls this book together in a way that leaves you wanted to read the next for in the Fae Chronicles. She provides you with mysteries, humor, steamy sex scenes, murder … wrapping it altogether in an amazing tale.


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