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led astray

Ms. Armstrong is one of my favorite authors. I love the Otherworld series & read some of her other works. She builds characters & worlds, pulling you in with each sentence. Ms. Armstrong’s characters are complete, and you get to know they type of person she is creating in them. The worlds different from what we live in and she provides you with the details so you can see that.

Rakshashi is an interesting tale of a woman who must complete assignments to correct the errors she made in her own life. She has been doing this for over 200 yrs., without being released. If she is released then her master’s family will have to find another way to get income to support themselves.

Kat tells you about a young woman who was tested on before she was taken away from it all. She was taught how to survive, but is on the run … is it because of the vampire who raised her or because those testing her want her back?

A Haunted House of Her Own is an interesting tale of a couple who are wanting to open a Haunted Bed & Breakfast. But is the house they are buying really haunted or is it just nerves spooking them?

Zoe Takano
Learning Curve is about a vampire who is being stalked. Zoe has been letting this stalker chase her for over 2 weeks. How will she handle this? Or will the stalker handle her instead?

The Screams of Dragons is a disturbing tale of a boy who is abused by his grandmother because of dreams he is having about castles. The grandmother fully believes in the folklore of how the Fae would swap their children with those of mankind. She drugs him, making him sick. She beats & refuses to let him eat at night. The parents … they turn a blind eye. This turns a beautiful child into something else. Something shockingly disturbing.

Kitsune’s Nine Tales
The Kitsune’s Nine Tales is about a warrior who was accused of deserting his troops during a battle, as well as being a sorcerer. A man must take this warrior to the Forest of the Dead, the his punishment for this crimes. The guards have been warned that this prisoner will try 9 times to convince them to turn him loose. They have been given the exact things that he will try. Will they make it there & back? Are the charges for the crimes accurate or completely false?

Last Stand is about the after effects of an antibiotic that destroys a good part of humankind. Creating two groups … those who were infected by the new virus and those who were not. One group is just trying to live, while the other is set out to destroy them. This group must decide who they are going to fight with so few individuals. Will they use the prisoners they have captured? Or will they simple parish?

Bamboozled is set in the Dakota Territory in 1877. You have a group that is set out to for thieving. They choose their targets and then work on completing that mission. But for some reason this “job” does not go exactly as planned. Some of the characters aren’t who they appear to be.

post-apocalyptic fortress
Branded is about the after effects of when the paranormal individuals or creatures have come out. Where human-kind has sealed themselves in away from what they fear. If they discover you have paranormal blood, you are branded and exiled. But they, also, use this for other crimes. In this story you read about a young man & woman, one is branded and exiled from the city. The other is distraught and not believing they punished the other correctly. How will they solve this? Will they be able to survive it?

The List is simple about a list that was provided of supposedly vampires in . Zoe is determined to listen to what this scientist has to say. She is amused that she is not on this list. She is, also, determined that Brittany (1/2 demon) learns more; educationally, self-defense & style-wise. They both go to listen to Dr. Adair lecture about vampires. Discussing the what he got close to being right about & what he did not. But when you have lectures about vampires, you bring out the strangest individuals & even some of the dangerous ones.
fire demon

Young Bloods is about two vampires who have created a bit of a crime issue in the city they arrived at recently. They are caught on a subway, where a passenger realizes they are the criminals leaving dead drained bodies around the city for the police to investigate. Will this passenger be able to make it off this subway car? Will any of the other passengers?
young vampire


opening door
The Door is a strange story. The child in the story has been told never to exit the front door, never to even go out it. She is allowed to be in the back yard, but never the front door. She is not to go over the fence, she must stay in the yard. It is about a small family, that grows to include another child. But the father dies after becoming ill, leaving it to the mother to collect food for her family. Sadly, going out the front door seems to be the reason of the illness. What is causing it? Will the two sisters be able to survive this?

Dead Flowers
Dead Flowers by the Roadside is about a man who looses his wife and child during a vehicle accident 3 months ago. He is devastated & depressed, barely making it though each day. All he wants is to see his wife & daughter again, but the ghosts he does see are not them. Nor will they help him find them or get a message to them … they completely avoid him because they know he will not help them now.

Suffer the Children is about a town/village that loose many individuals. Sadly most of them are children. The town is given a chance to “bring the children back from the dead.” There is a cost, financially & ethically. It comes down to what you would consider doing to get your child back … even from death.

The Collector discusses different types of puzzles. As well as the person solving them. The woman enjoys solving them, as well as the story that go with them.

Gabriel’s Gargoyles is about finding the last gargoyle in Cainsville. In this story you learn what a great deal about Gabriel. He’s mature for his age, as well as determined to discover where the finally gargoyle is.

Harbinger is exactly what it says “a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another.” In this case it happens to be the “spirits” of dead girls who were drowned. The reason for them being there is something that Jenna must discover on her own, because these “spirits” aren’t going to tell her at all.

Nicholas Sorrentino
V Plates, I about hit the floor laughing when I figured out what “v plates” meant. I love the Otherworld series, and this one has Nick watching over a teenage Pack mate. From the past stories that involved Nick, you know he’s a “playboy.” So how he handles this “problem” will prove to be interesting!
Nicholas Sorrentino

Life Sentence is simply about living & immortality. Everyone wants to live longer. Everyone would also like to be immune to everything. In this story, it is gone over in varies ways. How to become immortal. Pity that people don’t always see the down side.

Plan B is something you always need in life. But in this story, you will find that having a Plan B is REQUIRED.

the wild hunt
The Hunt teaches us that no matter what you hunt, there will always be something or someone out there to make you pay for what you did.

Dead to Me explores what happens when a person dies and has not been given what they are searching for.

Devil May Care provides an interesting tale of a Fae who lives without responsibility. Oh, he might have an income … but other than that, he enjoys the lack of responsibility. He does not want to be be tied down. He does not want commitment. Sadly, fate or destiny might just jump in & slap you silly if you think you can live that.


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