Summit of the Wolf (Silver Wolf Clan #4) ~ Tera Shanley

Summit of the Wolf

I love when I can pick up a book in a series & read it without need to find the ones prior to it. Ms. Shanley provides enough info in this book that you won’t have to read the priors to understand the story. (But she, also, makes you want to hunt down the prior books & read them.)

Morgan gasped & clung to the grab handle of Greyson’s truck for dear life. A horrible screeching sound of metal on metal wailed out as the other car collided with the bed of the truck. The men chasing then pulled away, then floored it to catch up again.
Now if that alone does not get you wanting to find out what is going on … Guess nothing will. That is the 1st paragraph of the book. From there Ms. Shanley creates a world that makes you want to keep reading.

Silver Wolf Mist
Morgan is the ONLY Silver Wolf. This means she might be able to produce offspring. But since there hasn’t been a Silver Wolf in quite sometime, they only believe it’s a possibility.
From the research we have gathered,” Marcus said, “& I’m sure many have been able to find texts, as well, so please add your knowledge if I leave anything out, the Silver Wolves were an ancient & thriving clan up until the early eighteenth century. They had outgrown their sanctuary in France & started branching out to other packs. Some of the females were able to bear full-blooded werewolf offspring, making them the only breeding werewolves in our known history. They were slaughtered by humans, & any who fled were hunted by vampires to rid our race of breeders. They were all white, even the males, & the females had light blue or purple eyes to signify they were born of the Silver Wolf Clan. They were thought to be completely extinct until Morgan was Turned.

This makes Morgan a highly wanted individual. To put a stop to this, because she is mated to the Demon Wolf, Grey, they attend the Summit of the Wolf hoping to put an end to the attacks they have received since Morgan was Turned.

I do hope that Ms. Shanley continues on with this series. I would love to read the future of Morgan & Grey, plus I will be getting the 3 prior books.


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