Night of the Living Demon Slayer (Demon Slayer #7) ~ Angie Fox

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I have to give Ms. Fox around of applauds … yes, there were sex scenes but she didn’t over power you with them!!!

Lizzie is a demon slayer. Who, lucky for her, has a coven of witches to help out. Without them, she might find herself in a ton of hot water … and kinda did in this book at one point.
Lizzie is asked for help by a Necromancer, one that she owes a favor to. So, the biker witches & Lizzie (plus her dog Pirate & the dragon),  pack up & head to New Orleans.  (Yea, I said biker witches … you will just have to read to hear about them.)

Once they hit New Orleans, things go from bad to worse. Staying in a haunted house, with a ghost that is far to interested in Lizzie. To a Voodoo Church that has nothing but bad intentions for New Orleans or the rest of the world.

Ms. Fox has created a great set of characters. I love the biker witches, Lizzie’s personality, Pirate the dog, as well as the other supporting characters. She provides a great definition of who they are & what backs them. From start to finish I found this book pulling me into the story. Plus I want to pull up the 1st 6 books, to learn a bit more (hey, she has a DRAGON & a talking dog for pets), but I enjoyed the fact that I could read the book in a series without having to hunt down the prior books. (You can’t do that in some series.)
The story has a lot of information in it to provide depth. The characters pull you in & make you want to read more about them. And a good mystery always keeps you turning the pages.


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