Welcome Home, Cowboy (Hero’s Welcome #2) ~ Annie Rains

welcome home, cowboy

There are good & negative parts to this book. I believe that Ms. Rains could have give the “extra” characters a little but more depth. Plus give more history on Julie & Lawson … But those are just minor issues.
I enjoyed discovering who Julie & Lawson were. By the end of the story, I enjoyed the discovers these characters had made about themselves & each other.

PTSD is something that a lot of military members face. Some are worried about it like Lawson is. Others “suck it up” and get treatment because their families are there supporting them & pushing them to do so. There are many different ways for them to “handle” what happened to them, and it is great to see an author who creates a book based on finding something small that just might help.
Julie has her own issues to deal with. An Ex from hades, and those you find in any community, that ripped her heart & confidence to pieces. She has to overcome what he did to her & figure out where is she is going in her own life.

In life you will find that healing together can bring you closer. IF you allow it. And in this story, that is appears what Ms. Rains is trying to express.
She created two individuals, that were drawn to each other. Before the deployment, but still drawn to each other after. The maturity they gained between 1st meeting each other & now, shows by their actions. Plus who they talk with their friends.

I hope Ms. Rains continues to write about military communities with more details & depth.
Now, I have to go find book one in this series!


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