Dark Ascension (A Generation V #4) ~ M.L. Brennan

Dark ascension

Ok, I should have started with Generation (book #1 from this series) before jumping into this book. BUT I did finish it. I am one of those people who loves jumping into a series but I don’t always start with the 1st book.

This story begins with Fort interviewing a group individuals who want to move to the Scott Territory, claiming sanctuary. He must then discuss what he learns with his siblings & mother, to decide if they will be allowed to live in the territory or not. During the meeting, his mother decides that the 3 siblings must decide the fate of this new group.
From here you end up following Fort through other issues that just keep occurring. Changelings wanting to kill a witch, brownies attacking the homeless, were-bear ceremony, Madeline Scott’s death, Fort being a full vampire … all of this happing one thing after another. Forcing Fort to step up and accept the responsibly of being an adult, instead of being the laid back slacker he appears to be. He must find a way to work with this siblings to secure the future.

Ms. Brennan has amazing writing skills. You are completely informed about what she is trying to express. She has created a world that involves supernatural & humans. The characters that she creates are extremely interesting. The characters make you want to keep reading to find out how they grow, handle the situations they are in & change.

My main issue with this story is that I feel you have to read the prior books to fully be able to understand all the characters & the world they live in. Instead of providing more background from past stories, she provided tiny info from past stories. I think that if she provided a bit more back story it would have give them story & characters that little extra that was missing.
This is one of the series that you should begin with the 1st book. Then keep reading in order. I believe that doing this, you will get the back stories for the world & characters that are in the book.


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