Manaconda (Hammered #1) ~ Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott


I will be completely honest … I choose to read this book because of the title, Manaconda. Since the writers decided to call it this, I figured it had to have some good laughs in it. Plus it might just be an interesting story.

Hunter Jordan is the lead singer of Hammered. He got on the cover of Rolling Stone’s BUT it was his picture & the new nickname that has him hating parts of his body. They have labeled him “Manaconda” because of the size of his penis during a photo shoot. No, he wasn’t in the buff, but his pants were extremely tight … providing a good view & shape of his penis.
This has made Hunter’s life miserable. No one seems to care about who he is or what’s going on with the band. They just want to know if it’s really or did they stuff his pants!!!
Enter the PR rep, Kennedy McManus, who is there to use this attention to sell the upcoming album. When Kennedy arrives at the 1st event, she must find Hunter because he has disappeared. This causes Kennedy to be annoyed with Hunter but there is a tension between the two. Ending with Hunter kissing Kennedy in front of reporters & fans.

From there they story has it’s ups & down parts. Ms. Quinn & Ms. Elliott have provided us with down to earth characters. They are not just a “rock-start” & best “PR rep” … they are individuals who have interests in a variety of things.
They have created a story that keeps you reading & provides you with great laughs. To actually step up & use something that might run across the cover of Rolling Stone mag, that takes a lot of creativity to complete.
Ms. Quinn’s & Ms. Elliott’s run together smoothly. It is almost like reading a story that was created & written from one mind. Like they flowed together.


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