Sabin (A Seven Novel) ~ A.M. Hargrove


I enjoyed reading this novel. I like the fact that I didn’t have to read the other books that Sabin was involved in. Ms. Hargrove provided back stories for Sabin & all the other characters in this story. I sincerely hope she continues to write about The Seven, because each character that she involves in this story was interesting & makes you want to know their stories as well.
Ms. Hargrove provides you with a vivid worlds. She provides you with interesting ways of transportation, and how another world works.

Serena is a SCUBA diver, as well as attending school to become getting her Ph.D. in marine biology. During a dive, she discovers a necklace. One that she decides to keep, but she allows her friends to borrow the necklace.
Sabin & his team, called the Seven, are searching for the necklace, Judgment Day, that Serena has found. This necklace is not a simple item, it is part of a device (Paradox)  that might destroy a universe. The Seven are suppose to guard the individual with the necklace to prevent “Mastermind” from getting the item.

I enjoyed this book. The characters are strong & develop into interesting individuals. Each one has a pull that makes you want to keep discovering how they will act in the story & how they act with each other.
You will, also, find that want to know more about this world Ms. Hargrove has created.
I believe that Ms. Hargrove’s talent as a writer is impressive. If her other story are as well written as Sabin, they will be great reads too.


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