The Shadows (The Fianna Trilogy #1) ~ Megan Chance

the Shadows

Ms. Chance had me hooked when I began chapter 1. She has created a world where the past heroes & Gods are needed in a future time from where they originally come from.

Patrick is a member of an Irish group & wants to free Ireland. Grace is the who dreams of her white knight rescuing her. Denny is a Fianna Warrior who feels he must prove he is worthy of being a Fianna. The way these characters interact with one another, they differences & similarities … they make an interesting set of main characters.
Each of these three must go through their own issues, as well as they ones they must go though together. There is trust issues, loyalty issues, and of course there is a love triangle.

I loved the Irish folklore that was in this book. How it was brought to life centuries after it happened. Bringing the early 19th century heroes from the past to save them in a dire time. This is a time where most are moving past believe in the folklore myths, but some who decide that these myths could be the save them.
Ms. Chance provides you with plenty of detail on the characters. She gives you back stories for each of the characters, even the minor ones. Creating an interesting goals using folklore to complete them.


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