The Web (The Fianna Trilogy # 2) ~ Megan Chance

the web

The triangle between Patrick, Grace & Denny continues. Patrick & Denny are now enemies due to Patrick siding with the Fomori. Patrick demands that the Fianna join them, Patrick’s group & the Fomori, to free Ireland from Britain. The Fianna & the Fomori are bitter enemies, one fighting to prevent the other from destroying Ireland. (But sadly, even the heroes aren’t perfect.)
Grace is the veleda, the one who must decide if the Fianna’s cause is worthy. If she decides it is, then they will live to fight … otherwise they will fade away. Grace does not believe she is the powerful veleda, but she listens to the others who are trying to convince her of this simple truth. The only problem is, who is telling her the complete truth & who is lying … something she must decide before she choose which side she is on.

Ms. Chance provides you with more folklore, and details in those stories. She provides you with more information about the quests, as well as the prophecies.

I enjoyed this story. I began reading it directly after book 1. These books run together, so there is a small cliff hanger at the end of the book. But you pick right up in the following book.
I would suggest you get all 3 books together. The story has that strong of a pull. It makes you wonder what will happen next. How will Grace’s powers become complete? What will happen between the love triangle? Which side of the battle will Grace decide?


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