His Deception ~ Patricia Rosemoor

his deception

As adults, you find find yourself with those times when you have to remind your parents that YOU are an adult and not that precious baby they just brought home.
This is the one case where that has happened but the father has decided to go beyond that & hire a body guard for his oldest child … without her knowledge. He has ever reason to be worried, he has gotten a threat stating that he will loose a child like those at the school lost the children because of a weapon was stole & used on a university campus. (So, the father has a little room to worry here.)

Katelyn Wade just hired her new body guard, Thorne Hudson, as her new bartender. She is a bit worried because her previous bar, & friend, has simply vanished. He’s not at his apartment or answering his phone … but he is found later. Dead & under the pier just outside her place of business.

In this story you have several suspects, each one looking guiltier with each action they take. A body guard who is doing his best to protect the individual he’s been hired to. Katelyn is wrapped up in all of this but not know who to trust because in some cases, she doesn’t know the fully story. Only question is, will she survive this?

Ms. Rosemoor created an intense story that keeps you turn page after page wanting to know who would be so insane to go this far. She created characters that draw you in, and keep you coming back for more.


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