The Wedding Pact (The O’Malleys #2) ~ Katee Robert

the wedding pact

You will marry because it provides your family with more power, alliances or what ever her mob-boss father has in mind. That is the life that Carrigan O’Malley lives in. She has only managed to hold him off by convincing him that she might become a nun … oh yea, a nun!

James Holloran now runs his “families” business. His father is in prison & his oldest brother is dead; leaving him as the “heir.” Unlike his two brothers, James is not a monster. He managed to keep the humanity that his father beat from this children (after their mother died).

James wants one thing, Carrigan. Problem is their families are enemies, currently with a touchy truce in tact.
Will he be able to convince her that what they had would be worth risking the future? Can Carrigan trust James after what he did to her?

You will, also, get to know other members of the O’Malley family in this story. It is not entirely focused on James & Carrigan.

Ms. Roberts creates an interesting tale in the mafia world. Her characters will pull you in more than the story surrounding them, because they are unique & quite interesting.


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