Forbidden (Her British Stepbrother #1) ~ Lauren Smith


I could just picture the 1st part of this in my head … TROUBLE with a in all caps, dropping his jaw when in walks the girl he would rather be in bed with.
It would seem that the girl he cannot get out of his system, is going to be is “stepsister” … because his mother has been dating her father, without the two children knowing!

To make matters worse? His father is a complete douche who is demanding that he marry the “right type of girl.” One who comes from their “level” of society & if he finds out that his heirs cannot get the America girl out of his system … there might just be hades to pay!

Sadly, the America girl just about dies when she discovers that her soon-to-be stepbrother is her little “addiction.” She demands that they stop everything, because she will not be the one who ruins her father’s happiness.
Only problem is the connection between the innocent & trouble is tearing them both apart.

Blasted book is a cliff hanger … uggg I hate those, but I went in knowing this. Because the story alone was seemed interesting enough to read. Oh Boy was it!!!
I love the characters that Ms. Smith created. Plus the way they interact with one another. It makes you want willing to keep reading & wait for the results of the cliff hanger Smile


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