Assassin’s Honor (Order of the Sicari #1) ~ Monica Burns

Assassins honor

Archeologist Emma has lost her parents, who were murdered when searching for the truth about the Sicari. Her father believed that they still existed in todays society, and they were the “good” guys.
During a dig, Emma looses the professor that she looks up to, leaving her as the only suspect. Now, she is finding out that her father was right, and that the Sicari are still around. But sadly there is an opposing group, the Praetorian, that would demolish cities or countries to wipe them all out.

Ares has Emma released knowing that she did not murder the professor … but hoping that she will lead him to the Sicari relic that her father discovered. But during watching her, he allows himself to be discovered. Hoping that he can convince Emma to provide him with the relic.
Unfortunately, Emma is being watched by others. Ares has a choice, to allow her to be killed or to save her … only problem with that, is it will open their world to Emma.

It comes down to saving Emma, not only from the Praetorian but also from her own self. Emma is determined to stand for herself in a world where she does not have the strength or abilities of the Sicari.

Ms. Burns creates a unique world where in todays society, Honor is one of the most important things. But she always creates a opposite side to this, putting you on edge wondering if the Sicari will survive or be completely wiped out … as it is already believed.


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