The Door ~ Lizzy Ford

the door

I LOVED this book. I feel asleep reading it, work up to finish & Ms. Ford proved to be one hades of an author in this story.

Gianna is sent to Arizona because she killed a man, in self-defense, but the courts pretty much don’t give a flying (well you know Winking smile ). She is to help the Caretaker run a bed & breakfast in the middle of the desert. Only thing is, the guests aren’t exactly from our world.
Only one major rule to follow … “Never Lock the Door.” Sadly, that is exactly what Gianna does. And from there her world will never be the same.

This novel is various possibilities. Where a young woman learns who she can truly trust & what she must do to save not only herself but the planet she lives on.

There is not much more I can say without giving away any spoilers. But if you like sci-fi, and a tiny amount of romance. This is learning tale, where a young woman must go though so much to learn so much.


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