An Unwilling Husband ~ Tera Shanley

an unwilling husband

This is one of those books where the title is why you start reading it. Or maybe that is just me … LOL who really knows. I found this book to be interesting.

Margaret is brought up to be a lady of high society. Named after her aunt, who despised her for reasons she did not learn until she was an adult. Torn from the only person she new as her father at a young age because her mother could not handle the old west town they lived in. Margaret runs from Boston to the place she only hopes will accept her without the harsh judgment that she has received all her life.

Being in Garret Shaw, the only person Margaret has ever loved. Sadly, he sees that her leaving with her mother as a betrayal … not only for him but also for her father. Duty to her dying father forces them to wed … from there things have there ups & downs. But in the end, it comes down to if they can understand & let go of the past.

Ms. Shanley has created an interesting tale that draws you in & keeps you reading. I have read from her, but she has been able to go from one genre to another & still keeps you wanted you to keep reading.


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