Danger, Sweetheart ~ Mary Janice Davidson

Danger Sweetheart

When I 1st began this book, I wanted to really strangle Blake Tarbell …. his character was just such a prick with a high level of intelligence. Then he decided to save his mom from the problems of what was going on in the small town she grew up in. From there, it turned into a decent book. After all when your mother “grounds” you (even if you are close to 30 LOL) … guess you should follow through making up for the huge mistake that you caused in her plans!

Ms. Davidson created a tale of a world were you have one highly intelligent twin & one that seems normal (he wasn’t really involved in the story but a few times). The mother has major home town pride, even though they don’t all care for her. Add in Natalie Lane, a stubborn pony plus the “nuke option” … and you find yourself actually enjoying the tale.

I sincerely hope that Ms. Davidson write more about these extra characters, because they helped complete the story. 


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