Heads up, ButterCup ~ Message from Tricia

Hey everyone!!! I hope you all have been having a blast reading my reviews … because I have enjoyed reading the books.
What can I say? I am ADDICTED to reading.
Surrounded by Books

I have, in the past, post several reviews immediately after writing them. But I recently decided to schedule them, so from now on it won’t be several book reviews at one time but spaced at least a day apart.

So, for all you Net Galley or Good Reads Authors … keep checking back. Because I have provided you with the link to the main page. Where I immediately C&P my review into the feedback section, it might not immediately appear the same day. (plus on my page I can add silly GIF or other graphics ~ Which I am so going back to doing!!!)

Happy Dance

Right now I have over a 8 days of reviews, holding to be posted!!! (Reading is MY ONLY ADDICTION … and I am PROUD of that.)
Let me know what you think … if you read the same book, by all means let me hear what you have to say. The more the merrier, right?

If you know of a book you think I might enjoy, send me the name & author or link to it.

great week


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