Return of the Bad Boy (Second Chance #4) ~ Jessica Lemmon

return of the bad boy

Who wouldn’t want to help “clean-up” the newest bad boy in town??? Well, it would seem his AGENT would be on the top of that list.
Gloria Shields is a book agent for rock star Asher Knight … and when they had a “relationship” it was destroyed by the fan, who is the mother to his 3 yr. old son.

Sometimes one night stands do come back to haunt you. Or the other party does … and boy did she destroy what Gloria & Asher had.
Problem with that … Asher decides to buy a house in the town that Gloria now calls home. Why? His son lives there, his best friends live there … and of course, Gloria lives there.

I enjoyed reading about the bad boy who was determined to convince his agent that he was the man for her. Sadly, he pulled himself into something he never thought he would get.

Ms. Lemmon has created a humorous tale. One that makes you want to keep reading about the bad boys she has created that are all best friends, along with the women who find a way to “tame” them (NOT … because they still keep that “bad boy” behavior but become family men).


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