Manhandled (Hammered #2) ~ Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott


Ms. Quinn & Ms. Elliot have created on interesting part of the world.  It is simply amazing that these two women were able to write together & it comes across as feeling like one author.
They have a band with one body guard … yep, just one … and really no security plan set up. Until a stalker attempts to kidnap Faith Keystone at Hunter’s & Kennedy’s wedding!!! If it weren’t for Hunter’s brother, who works for a security firm & is a retired soldier, Faith (aka Keys) would have been gone … for good.
Drugged & waking up in the hospital, Keys finds that she will now have a bodyguard “shadowing” her every move. No more meeting with the fans, not more bar hoping … hades, no more life as Keys sees it.

Poor Quinn Alexander … a man who enjoys when people follow his rules. Keys blares music, letting the world know she is at home, plus she pretty much lives in a glass house!!! What happens when Keys decides to take off? The man tears apart a city to locate her & then locks her down in his own places. Letting her know that these stunts cannot be pulled because her stalker has been following Keys for YEARS!

Add in sexual tension, and from there things go from overbearing to tense. After all,  how you can protect someone when all you think about is the next sexual event?
But the biggest question is ‘why NO ONE can locate these stalker/kidnapper?’


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One response to “Manhandled (Hammered #2) ~ Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott

  1. Erkioinen on tosiaan nimi ja tuo kansi on aivan ihana! Jännä, miten erilaisia kirjan osat sitten olivat… Voisihan tätä kokeilla. Rankat tarinat ja musta huumori kun ovat lähellä sydäntä 🙂


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