Bittersweet Blood (The Order #1) ~ Nina Croft

bittersweet blood

What would you do if you found out that your ENTIRE life was nothing more than a lie? That the world you lived in wasn’t exactly what you thought it was? Welcome to Tara Collins life. Ever since her aunt “died” Tara has come to find out that nothing she thought she knew is the truth & she wants to learn why.
Enter in Christian Roth who runs a PI firm. When this ‘man’ starts looking for the answers, it’s not something that Tara is willing to believe or want to believe.

But willing or wanting doesn’t matter because Christian’s past collides with Tara’s future. Will she be able to make out of this alive? Can Christian stop a demon who wants nothing more than to destroy everything Christian loves?

Ms. Croft has created one hades of a world. Where there are different dimensions for demons, fae & even one for angels. She creates an Order that keeps peace on the Earth, putting a stop to Demon & Fae wars … this Order is run by Vampires. (And from the description of them, SMOKING Vamps out to save the world.)


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