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Rising (Rising #1) ~ Holly Kelly


Open book … read harshness that you want to leave, but bloody Hades if Ms. Kelly doesn’t keep you reading just so you know what happens to the main character. (Which completely drives me nuts at times, but then that is life … suck it up & move on!)

Dragonian Xanthus is walking on land to prevent a war between humans & the inhabitants of the oceans. Mankind is doing it’s best to destroy the oceans, this is something that we do in our world because so many don’t stop & think. (We have all done it, but sadly some just keep on doing it.) This Dragonian took a HUGE chance going Triton to prevent this war.
Triton is the father of mermaids/mermen, who were all wipe out due to Poseidon ordering the Dragonian to eliminate them all. Because of this, Triton despise all of the Dragonian (even if they were born after all the deaths of his children) … but can you blame him?

Xanthus comes across a 1/2 human & Dragonian, who by law he must kill. This woman has lived her entire live in a wheel chair because she has a skin colored tail fin. Not knowing that she was 1/2 anything, but simply disfigured, Sara Taylor is about to find out more is actually living in the world than she every believed.
Discovering that she can actually breath  underwater and learning swim, takes up so much of  her time with Xanthus. That she does not question a lot of the how’s until running in to Xanthus’ brother … let’s just creep with a tale-fin & creep is being NICE about it!!

This new world you will discover a little bit of fantasy followed by many reasons not to keep pollute this planet. Great way to bring it across, put many of the reasons in a fantasy tale that pulls you in (but not to the pollution aspect) to characters and how they came to be.
Both of these two will have to fight long & hard to complete the task set out before them, for themselves as well as for each other. Ms. Kelly has create characters that work well together (even the ones  you despise) in a world where fantasy can be found pretty much at your front door.


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The Order Box Set ~ Nina Croft

The order

Bittersweet Blood ~ What would you do if you found out that your ENTIRE life was nothing more than a lie? That the world you lived in wasn’t exactly what you thought it was? Welcome to Tara Collins life. Ever since her aunt “died” Tara has come to find out that nothing she thought she knew is the truth & she wants to learn why.
Enter in Christian Roth who runs a PI firm. When this ‘man’ starts looking for the answers, it’s not something that Tara is willing to believe or want to believe.

But willing or wanting doesn’t matter because Christian’s past collides with Tara’s future. Will she be able to make out of this alive? Can Christian stop a demon who wants nothing more than to destroy everything Christian loves?

Bittersweet Magic ~ To avoid being burned at the stake (about 500 yrs. ago) Rosamund Fairfax (Roz) prayed to God but when he didn’t answer, she prayed to a demon (and she got Asmodai) … and made a deal that is almost paid off. Until a psychotic Vamp takes off with the Key. (Lucky for us, there are no individuals who turn this “key” into a human child!) Then he leaves the only Nun marked  but with a message for Piers Lamont.
That simple mission to end the tie to a demon just got quite complicated. Piers is currently the Vamp in charge of the Order … one that Asmodai (Ash in the human world) has told her would destroy her & other “abominations.” After all, why would a DEMON lie?

Piers finds out that the demon queen (and the psychotic vamp) that he imprisoned over 2000 yrs. ago is  free. She wants the key & him back into her life. Only problem is that Piers would prefer to have NOTHING to do with the creature to stole away his chance of being reincarnated.

Bittersweet Darkness ~ To create an amulet (to protect his daughter) Asmodai (Ash Delacourt) becomes indebted to Lucifer. To pay off this debt & have the seal removed, he must begin working with the Order of Shadow Accords. (Yes, there a many questions that come behind WHY Lucifer would want this, but sadly none o them are answered in this story. Fingers crossed as to possible a book simply for that?)
Detective Faith Connolly finds herself wrapped up in a conflict between two organizations … one that has began investigating her former partners new employer & will discover the answer they believe at any cost & the Order. The slime oozing off her NEW boss is just too much for her to tolerate. Plus it is discovered that this organization might be responsible for her mother’s death & the reason she simply cannot/will not believe in anything paranormal.

Can the Order begin preparing Earth for the knowledge that Demons, Angels, Fae, & other paranormal creatures exist? Or will this other organization destroy them before they can get a foot in the door?

Bittersweet Freedom ~ Best way to track down a shifter? Send a werewolf after her!
Poor Carl must hunt down the cat shifter who stole demon gold from Asmodai. Pity that Shera would rather DIE than keep living bound to Asmodai.
Asmodai has turned to Shera’s demon father to take her in because he believes there is an “issue” between Faith & Shera. Shera decides to run instead before she is able to learn Asmodai’s plan.
What Shera does not know is that she is 1/2 demon. Which is why all the changes occurring with her are freighting. Carl knows, but he is under direct orders NOT to tell Shera. But Carl does not know the full extent of Asmodai’s plan either, so he joins Shera on her run. Hoping to convince her that she must return to the demon dimension before the bound destroys her.


Ms. Croft has created one hades of a world. Where there are different dimensions for demons, fae & even one for angels. She creates an Order that keeps peace on the Earth, putting a stop to Demon & Fae wars … this Order is run by Vampires. (And from the description of them, SMOKING Vamps out to save the world.)

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Soldier of Love (Hometown Heroes #5) ~ Allie Boniface

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This book wasn’t a bad story. In the world today we see too many soldiers who have no where to turn, or feel like they have no one to listen to them … if they dare discuss anything. After all, it could go on “their record.”

This story talks about two people who have been thought a lot. The soldier, Heath, with problems and not confortable discussing it. Franny, the owner of the bed & breakfast, lost so much over the last few years & learned how to survive.

Ms. Boniface brought a topic to the surface that needs to be safer for those handing PTSD to discuss without the fear & terror that so many have.

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Autumn (Autumn #1) ~ David Moody


One day the people of the world simply die. Some for no reason at all. Others from the accidents caused by those who died in pain & agony. But there are some who are left … and how they survive this all depends what they are willing to do or try.

Not once does Mr. Moody use the word Zombie. You do not have your Walking Dead creatures. The undead in this book are quite a bit different than what you would find in Walking Dead or Pride & Prejudice & Zombies (or books similar to those). And who doesn’t like a great kick arse survivor like Daryl?
When the dead to begin getting up & moving, it is just in what ever direction they are facing. You can actually walk up to them & move them around without fear of getting bitten or harmed. You are able to find shelter without worrying if they will “discover” your location. You are able to move & gather supplies without worrying if they will attack you.

Mr. Moody writes about a world that is devastated. Destroyed because of the accidents the deaths cause … from planes or vehicles crashing & causing fires to the terrifying fear & guilt the survivors have. A world without power, low food supplies & the undead changing gradually over time.
He writes about different reactions to this devastation. From fear & shock to survival instinct; terror to a type of determination … he uses the characters to give you different views on how humankind might react.

I did not find this book like most books that have the dead rising (Zombies). Instead of brain-eating or flesh-craving beings, these dead change over time. From corpses laying on the ground or sitting in vehicles into something a bit more disturbing as time drags on for the survivors.
Don’t get me wrong, I love watching Daryl survive in a world filled with or kill Zombies (& his friends attempting to live in a Zombie filled planet). But sadly, that describes most books or movies with containing Zombies. It’s actually nice to come across a different style of writing or view.
I was hooked on the Autumn series before getting to the middle of book #1 & I am currently reading #3. (My Mom loved to read & this is just one of the series of books she left us.)

Keep in mind there are some sections of this book that just seem like it is just dragging on & on. But you will find those boring parts are necessary … even if you find yourself considering speed reading through them, don’t. You might miss something, causing you later to back track. Mr. Moody has a reason for putting that info in the book, you just have to read to discover it’s purpose.

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