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The Awakening (Hasea Chronicles #1) ~ Stuart Meczes


When you begin this book, it takes a bit to get use to the idea that the writer is trying to express. It is almost like a jumble of ideas floating around but you have yet to figure out who they are all connected.
This is not your typical paranormal type of book. In this world, or worlds, you will find a new idea of where the different paranormal types come from. But to get to that point you have to go though the jumble of ideas in the beginning.
I almost stopped reading the book altogether. I did stop, and read a few others in between finishing the book. Mainly because it was starting to frustrate me. But after I got past the jumble of ideas, I discovered it to be a great read. You just have to find the patience to keep reading, because you will then discover the mystery behind what is going on in the book.

A boy, Alexander Eden,  who is bullied by kids at school & even his own stepfather (which you find out why later in the book) discovers that he is not exactly like the others he goes to school with. He shares part of this with this (half-)brother, Mikey, because he needs to be able to discuss it with someone he can truly trust.
Then enters the Gabriella De Luca, who has all the answers he needs but is there to watch him. To ensure that he makes it though the transition he is going though. But there is more to Ella than what appears in the beginning, and she must decide if she can trust Alex enough to tell him.

You will read about a large variety of types of individuals (Sage Faru, Midnight, Delagio, Sylvia, Scarlett, Dakin, Tyler, Rachel, Sophia, Selene, Lafelei, Mikey, Sage Etorre, Sage Asmund …). Each of them has a tale that improves upon the story. Each of them is just as valuable to the story as Alex & Ella, because without them … the story would crash and be nothing.

In the end, you find the jumble of ideas in the beginning to make more sense. The mystery becomes crystal clear, and you are glad you took the time to read the story.
I am looking forward to reading book two in this series. Mr. Meczes has an interesting way of putting a jumble of ideas together creating a world & story that pull you in. It is rare to find a writer that can frustrate you but keep you reading, slowly pulling you into a story.


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The Chosen (The Legend Chronicles #3) ~ Theresa Meyers



You have a close relationship with your siblings, and would go above & beyond for them. What would you do if you unknowingly walked into a trap set up by the youngest of your siblings?
Remington find that out pretty quick, and find a way out of that … but sadly makes it a little messy by BLOWING UP part of the jail. Then high tailing it out of town on a horse with China to find a treasure that may or may not stop a demon from opening the gates of hades & letting worse creatures into our world.
All this in a time where there area really no computers, cars, cell phones or any technology that many need … oh no what shall we do??? LOL

We watch Remington & China tear through everything, trying to discover if this is real or not. Learning if they can trust each other or if the next “knife in the back” is coming from the other.

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Unleashed ~ Rebecca York, Susan Kearney, Diane Whiteside, Lucy Monroe


You began with a dream of his mate, soul mate. But there is a witch who is making it hard for them to be together, driving them apart.
So, what does our genius of a man do? Try to trick the woman in to falling for him in real life, NOT telling her that “yes, I was in the dream” & “yes, we do know each other.” Plus “no, you are not crazy.”
All to save his island … men.


Believe that he should NOT be soul mates with a mortal. Our Master Vamp does everything in his power to scare off this determined lady … who wants nothing more than to find her sister. Plain & simple.
This Master Vamp does EVERYTHING to drive this woman nuts!
 cold shower




She has loved him from the time she met him. And he has loved her but as a wolf, he cannot mate with her because it will be for life … only she doesn’t know. But of course they (his family) thinks she knows.
It’s her way or no way … and it tears him to a part. Will he pull his head out & figure out not all women run? Or will he let his true soul mate go?


More about New Atlantis. She is kidnapped, brought to a deserted island & told she is “special.” Like he is … she believes she is seriously drugged or something. But eventually begins to come around to his thinking. Will she go all the way or is it a ploy to get off the island?

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The Inventor (The Legend Chronicles 0.5) ~ Theresa Meyers


Sir Turlock is one of the best Inventors in England. Currently, he is showing his invention to the Queen in hopes of invited to become one of the scientist who work for the kingdom.
Lady Hargrieve is not your typical “lady” of the times. She loves to tinker with anything she can get her hands on. Her father allows this only to get the knowledge she discovers about each scientist & their work.
A short but sweet love story between two like minded individuals. One of true love that you can see from the start.

But being apart of the world where things are not exactly what they appear … that always changes things, right? Lady Hargrieve’s family is part of the Hunter’s, and she holds the something of value. She is hunted because of it.
In the end, Sir Turlock must choose her safety over his desires. Her safety over his love. Which is better? Or are they safer together?

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Naughty Reviewer

I have been reading & reading but I have been horrid about not putting up my reviews. Hoping I don’t get coal because of that … right?

bags of coalI have to compare my Goodreads list to what I have already posted here. Then get my hands to posting!

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Spider’s Bite ~ Jennifer Estep


“My name is Gin & I kill people.”
LOL and that is one way to introduce yourself in an insane asylum! Go Spider, which is the name Gin uses when she is on the job.

This book gives you the general idea as to how Gin became Spider, not in 100% detail. But in enough detail that it gives you why she is who she is … and why.
Now, add in a Detective that has a stick up his arse because he does not see people who for who they are really are. Instead, he has on those rose colored glasses where all the “bad” people are really actually truly evil … and “good” people are angels who never do any wrong. See the problem there? (See why she wants to throttle him at times?)

Coming back from an assassin ready for a vacation, only to have a client who request that they job done the NEXT night. This leaves out a lot of planning tossed out the window. Not such a great idea but the price seems to pull them in … only question comes down, is it worth it?

Although Gin has elemental powers but does not use them to do her job, either of them as a matter of fact. How is that for a surprise?

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