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Ice Wolf (Artic Brotherhood 1) ~ Jane Godman

                                                   ice wolf

Yea I have a thing about supernatural or paranormal books … to me they are thrilling and entertaining. Whether they are horror type or not, they take you out of this world and into another.

This begins with Gunner, the once leader of the “Brotherhood of the Midnight Sun,” trying to pull Elliott Wilder back into the the brotherhood for another fight. But Elliot wants the seclusion & anonymity he has being a college professor.
Problem with this simple idea? The Siberian Wolf that tortured them 400 yrs. before has broken free and he wants revenge. His 1st target is Elliot, until he see Elliot with Jenny Piper. Then also goes after her to hurt Elliot. But Gunner is with her trying to get her to join the Brotherhood when they are attacked. From there Elliot is in charge of the Brotherhood to bring down the Siberian Wolf, who is more than he appears to be.

The catch to this story is that the Siberian Wolf isn’t the main goal. What the Siberian Wolf released on to the world is far worse than he was. Can the Brotherhood bound together to defeat this new threat to the werewolves & mankind? Or will they be defeated wolf by wolf?

Ms. Godman created a unique world that draws you into the world where there are different types of werewolves & myths they belong to. Where they change is quick, in the blink of an eye (almost), and painless. Where they live in a society that doesn’t even know they exist.
I found the writing and telling of this story worth reading book two, Shadow Wolf.


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The Girl Who Never Was (Otherworld #1) ~ Skylar Dorset

                                                   the girl who never was

I read this book, and have spent plenty of time look at it. Sorting though it. Then I went back to my GoodReads account to get copy of cover … and I still have no idea as to where to begin.
So, I looked to see what my other GoodRead friends were reading this book or had read it. I cam across this:
”Where to start? I’ve been staring at a blinking cursor for a few minutes now, trying to figure out how to put THE GIRL WHO NEVER WAS into some sort of coherent thought …” (From another blogger, All Things Urban Fantasy, who I enjoy checking out what they have read.)
I could have laughed when I read this … here I am having the damnest time trying to figure out what to say & they got part of how I felt right there! I would give them huge hugs … but I will simply go with a thank you on this. (To read the rest of their blog on this book simply click the quote above.) It’s worth the time to see how they felt as well. Before picking up that book … sometimes Bookaholics are worth listening to.

I won’t bother quoting any more of All Things Urban Fantasy, because while I agree with parts of it … for me there is something that has been holding me back from doing this review. I began it, but I could never find the words I needed to finish it until now, when I read another book given from the view point of a teen. Not even close to the same type of story, but it finally click what was  holding me back so much.

Ms. Dorset is definitely a talented writer BUT how she decided to put this one is writing pretty much killed the story. When you write 1st person you need to keep it in that area … to me it felt like she went back to edit it into a 1st person novel. Like parts of it were written to sound like they came from a teen but others were written to sound like they came from another individual. Then at the last minute, Ms. Dorset decided to make it 1st person … which if that is the case, it needs some drastic edits to fix it & make it sound like it is coming from ONE person of the same age. This is like it could be same person of different ages, with a LOT of missing parts too.

                                                              missing parts

You begin a tale about a girl being raised by “nutcase” Aunts, only to learn they may not be as crazy as thought. Let’s not forget the father who is in the insane asylum, but how he actually arrived leaves you searching for “prequels.” Then you bounce from a “friendship” to 1st love in the blink of a eye. Let’s not for the fact that one minute you are dealing with a confused teen to a powerful “whatever” she is. Plus there is the best friend who can manage to jump where humans are suppose to, but does & she doesn’t seem all too phased about it … just because that’s how “best friends” are suppose to act. (So much missing!!!!)

When you add all this up, the novel should have been FAR thicker/longer. There is no question that so much was left out of this novel, and the missing parts is what (IMO) causes harm to the story. The idea & characters (for the most part) are well rounded. They keep you wanting to read, hoping to get those missing parts … but when you finish, you are STILL missing them. Those are needed to make this tale an amazing one. They need to be added back in, or found …which ever it is in this cause. (Please!)

When I read the other story, 1st person by a teen, that is where I learned what was bothering me. IF that main character skipped over something, you would find it later in the story. When you finished that book, you all ALL the parts (even if they were a bit out of order in some cases) and that MADE the tale.
That is what I feel has been my main problem with this … I could not place exactly what I was missing, part of the bloody story, is what. It makes you feel that you were NOT given what you thought you were reading.

Will I read book 2 … probably because I want to see if she learned & corrected her errors in the 1st novel. You can tell Ms. Dorset has the skills to do this … but I think she lost something & hope she finds it in the following book.

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Rising (Rising #1) ~ Holly Kelly


Open book … read harshness that you want to leave, but bloody Hades if Ms. Kelly doesn’t keep you reading just so you know what happens to the main character. (Which completely drives me nuts at times, but then that is life … suck it up & move on!)

Dragonian Xanthus is walking on land to prevent a war between humans & the inhabitants of the oceans. Mankind is doing it’s best to destroy the oceans, this is something that we do in our world because so many don’t stop & think. (We have all done it, but sadly some just keep on doing it.) This Dragonian took a HUGE chance going Triton to prevent this war.
Triton is the father of mermaids/mermen, who were all wipe out due to Poseidon ordering the Dragonian to eliminate them all. Because of this, Triton despise all of the Dragonian (even if they were born after all the deaths of his children) … but can you blame him?

Xanthus comes across a 1/2 human & Dragonian, who by law he must kill. This woman has lived her entire live in a wheel chair because she has a skin colored tail fin. Not knowing that she was 1/2 anything, but simply disfigured, Sara Taylor is about to find out more is actually living in the world than she every believed.
Discovering that she can actually breath  underwater and learning swim, takes up so much of  her time with Xanthus. That she does not question a lot of the how’s until running in to Xanthus’ brother … let’s just creep with a tale-fin & creep is being NICE about it!!

This new world you will discover a little bit of fantasy followed by many reasons not to keep pollute this planet. Great way to bring it across, put many of the reasons in a fantasy tale that pulls you in (but not to the pollution aspect) to characters and how they came to be.
Both of these two will have to fight long & hard to complete the task set out before them, for themselves as well as for each other. Ms. Kelly has create characters that work well together (even the ones  you despise) in a world where fantasy can be found pretty much at your front door.

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The Veil (The Fianna Trilogy #3) ~ Megan Chance

the veil

I fell in love with this series from the 1st few pages of the 1st novel, The Shadows. But the tale of Grace, Denny & Patrick took more than one book to complete. After all, love is not an easy thing & it’s never simple …

Grace has been with Denny since her brother tricked her into meeting up with him. He’s trying to protect her & keep her safe from the Fomori … and the evils he fully believes they might do to her.
Denny is trying to run from a curse that states he will kill the Veleda during the ceremony that will release the power.
Patrick is hurting the area searching for Grace. But has come to an agreement with her brother to do everything in his power to keep her alive by looking for a way to break the curse stating the Veleda must die.

But there is so much more to this story. Grace finds her love, and Denny runs from his love. The Druid is not just a Druid … but that is something you will have to read to find out Winking smile.
Is there a way to break this curse? Why do both opposing groups seem to believe that the Veleda has the power of the Goddess? Why does Grace’s brother have storm powers? What is the extra curse on the Veleda caused by a past Veleda? What did that Veleda do to cause this extra curse?

Mrs. Chance is an amazing story teller. She combines so much detail, and keeps you turning page after page to learn what is going to happen. I do hope that she does tell us more beyond this trilogy about these characters.

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The Web (The Fianna Trilogy # 2) ~ Megan Chance

the web

The triangle between Patrick, Grace & Denny continues. Patrick & Denny are now enemies due to Patrick siding with the Fomori. Patrick demands that the Fianna join them, Patrick’s group & the Fomori, to free Ireland from Britain. The Fianna & the Fomori are bitter enemies, one fighting to prevent the other from destroying Ireland. (But sadly, even the heroes aren’t perfect.)
Grace is the veleda, the one who must decide if the Fianna’s cause is worthy. If she decides it is, then they will live to fight … otherwise they will fade away. Grace does not believe she is the powerful veleda, but she listens to the others who are trying to convince her of this simple truth. The only problem is, who is telling her the complete truth & who is lying … something she must decide before she choose which side she is on.

Ms. Chance provides you with more folklore, and details in those stories. She provides you with more information about the quests, as well as the prophecies.

I enjoyed this story. I began reading it directly after book 1. These books run together, so there is a small cliff hanger at the end of the book. But you pick right up in the following book.
I would suggest you get all 3 books together. The story has that strong of a pull. It makes you wonder what will happen next. How will Grace’s powers become complete? What will happen between the love triangle? Which side of the battle will Grace decide?

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The Shadows (The Fianna Trilogy #1) ~ Megan Chance

the Shadows

Ms. Chance had me hooked when I began chapter 1. She has created a world where the past heroes & Gods are needed in a future time from where they originally come from.

Patrick is a member of an Irish group & wants to free Ireland. Grace is the who dreams of her white knight rescuing her. Denny is a Fianna Warrior who feels he must prove he is worthy of being a Fianna. The way these characters interact with one another, they differences & similarities … they make an interesting set of main characters.
Each of these three must go through their own issues, as well as they ones they must go though together. There is trust issues, loyalty issues, and of course there is a love triangle.

I loved the Irish folklore that was in this book. How it was brought to life centuries after it happened. Bringing the early 19th century heroes from the past to save them in a dire time. This is a time where most are moving past believe in the folklore myths, but some who decide that these myths could be the save them.
Ms. Chance provides you with plenty of detail on the characters. She gives you back stories for each of the characters, even the minor ones. Creating an interesting goals using folklore to complete them.

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Summit of the Wolf (Silver Wolf Clan #4) ~ Tera Shanley

Summit of the Wolf

I love when I can pick up a book in a series & read it without need to find the ones prior to it. Ms. Shanley provides enough info in this book that you won’t have to read the priors to understand the story. (But she, also, makes you want to hunt down the prior books & read them.)

Morgan gasped & clung to the grab handle of Greyson’s truck for dear life. A horrible screeching sound of metal on metal wailed out as the other car collided with the bed of the truck. The men chasing then pulled away, then floored it to catch up again.
Now if that alone does not get you wanting to find out what is going on … Guess nothing will. That is the 1st paragraph of the book. From there Ms. Shanley creates a world that makes you want to keep reading.

Silver Wolf Mist
Morgan is the ONLY Silver Wolf. This means she might be able to produce offspring. But since there hasn’t been a Silver Wolf in quite sometime, they only believe it’s a possibility.
From the research we have gathered,” Marcus said, “& I’m sure many have been able to find texts, as well, so please add your knowledge if I leave anything out, the Silver Wolves were an ancient & thriving clan up until the early eighteenth century. They had outgrown their sanctuary in France & started branching out to other packs. Some of the females were able to bear full-blooded werewolf offspring, making them the only breeding werewolves in our known history. They were slaughtered by humans, & any who fled were hunted by vampires to rid our race of breeders. They were all white, even the males, & the females had light blue or purple eyes to signify they were born of the Silver Wolf Clan. They were thought to be completely extinct until Morgan was Turned.

This makes Morgan a highly wanted individual. To put a stop to this, because she is mated to the Demon Wolf, Grey, they attend the Summit of the Wolf hoping to put an end to the attacks they have received since Morgan was Turned.

I do hope that Ms. Shanley continues on with this series. I would love to read the future of Morgan & Grey, plus I will be getting the 3 prior books.

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