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Bring on the Psychobitch (Some Girls Do It #3) ~ May Sage

                                                    the psychobitch

In my life, or shall I say it better “my book reading,” there are only a few things that will pull me right off to a book. The cover, if displayed to show the cover or if I am looking at it online. The author, because even I have my fav’s. An interesting or funny title, because it takes a little brilliance to choose it and hold on to it … or live with it. Winking smile

Bring on the Psychobitch (different link than that of book cover) … you know that had to take some convincing to be kept. But I saw the title, the cover is not what pulled me in, but the description. I had to read a book where the main character called herself that with PRIDE. Hey, we all have those points where we blow it off name calling but very few of us stand up & take those names with the pride this author created in  her main character. (Guessing that she has been there & prob does that!)

Ms. Sage not only give you present but the past as well to create a character that you will either love or despise. Me, I rather like this character but then I like strong-will individuals. Sure anyone can try to create that, but if you fail … you fail miserable with a character that most bookaholics want to throttle. But if you succeed, like Ms. Safe did here, then you end up with a story that makes the reader want more. Keep them reading what you do write, and coming back for more.


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Devil & the Deep (Deep Six #2) ~ Julie Ann Walker

Devil & the Deep

Ms. Walker is one hades of an author. She one minute she might have you 2nd guessing if the character is going to make it out of this current situation alive, then she will have you rolling in laughter … or at least she did in this novel. I am hoping to find the rest of this series as entertaining as I did this book. Plus not only are you dealing with the two main characters, but she adds in a few others that have their own stories beginning.

Seal Team

We have a US Navy SEAL Team, 6 men, that retired. After they lost one of their team members, they decide to honor his death by LIVING. They become the Deep Six Salvage, treasure hunters looking for a sunken Spanish galleon that went down around 500 yrs. ago.

treasure hunters

This story is about Bran. A man who swore to his mother that he would NEVER fall in love, because all it brought was pain & misery. Plus he fully believes that he is just as evil & cruel as this father … pity, no one thought to try and correct that until now.
Bran has not problem with “hooking up” but relationships are never going to be in the picture.
hot soldier
Maddy is an oil heiress. She met Bran a few months back when someone tried to kidnap her off her father yacht. Since then, they have been emailing each other & talking … but pretty much haven’t seen each other since the kiss Bran gave her on that yacht (after saving her).

Maddy decides to bring 3 girls on a camping trip to Dry Tortugas, as a surprise for them winning the scholarships offered by her father’s company. Maddy is hoping that Bran will show up, because she will be a simple short boat trip away.
Sadly, for Maddy & those with her, the individuals who tried kidnapping her the 1st time are back. This time with a team of mercenaries to handle the job.


One of my Favorite Parts (31% into the kindle version, I laughed so hard my husband had to use my inhaler on to so I could BREATHE), and it is a DIRECT QUOTE from the book:
”I can make twenty feet no problem,” she asserted. “So let’s do this thing already. This moat is starting to give me the heebie-jeebies. Did y’all know when they used the fort as a prison in the eighteen hundreds, someone kept a ten-foot shark in here?”
He opened his mouth to assure her there were no sharks in the moat now. But before he could say anything, she blinked and made a face. A weird gurgling sounded at the back of her throat.
”What?” he demanded, all his protective instincts jumping to the fore. His M4 was strapped to his back, but his muscles bunched, ready to swing it over his head.
”Something just touched my foot,” she whispered, and a line from that old English rock band sprang to mind: a whiter shade of pale.
That definitely described what had happened to her complexion, even in the semidarkness. Before Bran could tell her it was probably nothing – a fish or an eel or even a piece of seaweed – she was splashing toward him like a lunatic, her eyes wide, mouth contorted in a grimace.
”There it was again!” she croaked, climbing on top of him, her bare feet finding footholds on his knees and hip bones, her hands clawing at his shoulders and head until he was shoved under water.
Now usually, he would welcome a woman’s legs going over his shoulders and her breasts smashing his nose. But not while he was treading water. For a couple of seconds, they sank into the dark void before he had the wherewithal to kick and stroke toward the surface. He came up sputtering and sucking in oxygen that was heavy with the berry-sweet scent of her lotion and the subtler aroma of luscious, warm female.

shark and blood

Sorry, but you know I cannot tell you the rest … it would spoil what happened.

I have to hand it to Ms. Walker for creating a story that keeps pulling you in. Making you want to know what is going on with the main characters, and those surrounding them.

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Manhandled (Hammered #2) ~ Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott


Ms. Quinn & Ms. Elliot have created on interesting part of the world.  It is simply amazing that these two women were able to write together & it comes across as feeling like one author.
They have a band with one body guard … yep, just one … and really no security plan set up. Until a stalker attempts to kidnap Faith Keystone at Hunter’s & Kennedy’s wedding!!! If it weren’t for Hunter’s brother, who works for a security firm & is a retired soldier, Faith (aka Keys) would have been gone … for good.
Drugged & waking up in the hospital, Keys finds that she will now have a bodyguard “shadowing” her every move. No more meeting with the fans, not more bar hoping … hades, no more life as Keys sees it.

Poor Quinn Alexander … a man who enjoys when people follow his rules. Keys blares music, letting the world know she is at home, plus she pretty much lives in a glass house!!! What happens when Keys decides to take off? The man tears apart a city to locate her & then locks her down in his own places. Letting her know that these stunts cannot be pulled because her stalker has been following Keys for YEARS!

Add in sexual tension, and from there things go from overbearing to tense. After all,  how you can protect someone when all you think about is the next sexual event?
But the biggest question is ‘why NO ONE can locate these stalker/kidnapper?’

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Return of the Bad Boy (Second Chance #4) ~ Jessica Lemmon

return of the bad boy

Who wouldn’t want to help “clean-up” the newest bad boy in town??? Well, it would seem his AGENT would be on the top of that list.
Gloria Shields is a book agent for rock star Asher Knight … and when they had a “relationship” it was destroyed by the fan, who is the mother to his 3 yr. old son.

Sometimes one night stands do come back to haunt you. Or the other party does … and boy did she destroy what Gloria & Asher had.
Problem with that … Asher decides to buy a house in the town that Gloria now calls home. Why? His son lives there, his best friends live there … and of course, Gloria lives there.

I enjoyed reading about the bad boy who was determined to convince his agent that he was the man for her. Sadly, he pulled himself into something he never thought he would get.

Ms. Lemmon has created a humorous tale. One that makes you want to keep reading about the bad boys she has created that are all best friends, along with the women who find a way to “tame” them (NOT … because they still keep that “bad boy” behavior but become family men).

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Manaconda (Hammered #1) ~ Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott


I will be completely honest … I choose to read this book because of the title, Manaconda. Since the writers decided to call it this, I figured it had to have some good laughs in it. Plus it might just be an interesting story.

Hunter Jordan is the lead singer of Hammered. He got on the cover of Rolling Stone’s BUT it was his picture & the new nickname that has him hating parts of his body. They have labeled him “Manaconda” because of the size of his penis during a photo shoot. No, he wasn’t in the buff, but his pants were extremely tight … providing a good view & shape of his penis.
This has made Hunter’s life miserable. No one seems to care about who he is or what’s going on with the band. They just want to know if it’s really or did they stuff his pants!!!
Enter the PR rep, Kennedy McManus, who is there to use this attention to sell the upcoming album. When Kennedy arrives at the 1st event, she must find Hunter because he has disappeared. This causes Kennedy to be annoyed with Hunter but there is a tension between the two. Ending with Hunter kissing Kennedy in front of reporters & fans.

From there they story has it’s ups & down parts. Ms. Quinn & Ms. Elliott have provided us with down to earth characters. They are not just a “rock-start” & best “PR rep” … they are individuals who have interests in a variety of things.
They have created a story that keeps you reading & provides you with great laughs. To actually step up & use something that might run across the cover of Rolling Stone mag, that takes a lot of creativity to complete.
Ms. Quinn’s & Ms. Elliott’s run together smoothly. It is almost like reading a story that was created & written from one mind. Like they flowed together.

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Fighting Destiny (The Fae Chronicles #1) ~ Amelia Hutchins

fighting destiny

Ms. Hutchins has pulled out all stops on this book. This is not a typical Fae story. From various Fae, Witches, Vampires (who are Fae), to Humans … she brings them all together in a world recovering from the shock that “we are not alone.” (LOL yea I know that’s more a science fiction term, but it works pretty good hear.)

This story starts off with a mission, one that Syn is not exactly thrilled to be doing. Stealing the Dark Prince’s Fae crown, a job that could get the entire team killed if one things goes wrong. And boy does it go wrong.
I gave a wicked little grin at my success & step through the door – straight into the line of fire of the guns pointed at my face. I swallowed & looked around, calculating my chances of escape. I met a pair of eyes so golden it startled me. The face they belonged to was harsh & beautifully masculine. Shit.
’Abort; that’s a direct order,’ I said, my voice more calm than I was feeling.
’Syn?’ Adam shouted.

Syn is wanted so that the Fae can find an assassin, who appears to be looking to target the Light Fae Heir. She is to pose as Arianna during an Engagement Ball, hoping to pull the assassins into the opening.

With every plan there is always something that steps in the way. They begin finding bodies of Fae & Witches, who have been tortured & have body parts taken from them. Syn must find out why they are doing this, with hopes of discovering who is doing this.

Nothing in this story follows the path you think it might. Just as you begin to put the pieces together, you are provided with something that throws it off track. Besides from discovering who the assassin is, you will find that there are more mysteries to solve in this tale.

Keep dreaming, man-whore.
Ms. Hutchins pulls this book together in a way that leaves you wanted to read the next for in the Fae Chronicles. She provides you with mysteries, humor, steamy sex scenes, murder … wrapping it altogether in an amazing tale.

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Rock You (Fallen Star #1) ~ Candy Starr

Rock You

I don’t mind reading series, but what I despise is a major CLIFF HANGER! When I read them, I like to know that part of the story is over & the next book is going to have the characters on whatever track the story is going on. But with that aside, this is a really decent book to read.

In this book you will meet Ruby, an “adult” who still has a bit of maturing to do. Yes, she is mature, but she has that child-like view on the world. After all, she became a house-keeper via Craig’s List!!!
The whole idea was madness. That was what you got for agreeing to work for someone, sight unseen, from an ad on Craigslist.
Ruby is a loner, one that would prefer to not have much to do with society. She has had a tough time in school, as well as feeling like she simply does not fit in.

Tex is a complete different story. A man hiding from the world, the “why” is what you have to find out & understand before you can understand exactly why he left society & basically life. He is the strangest hermit I have read about. Running from life, hiding in a house that should have been a home.

Will Ruby be able to pull Tex out of his depression? Will Ruby be able to open herself up, something that she has not done before? Can Tex actually heal from the wounds in his heart & mind?
Ms. Starr created two unique individuals, that need seem to need each other. She created a story that will touch your heart.
She writes about what she knows. Using her past history as a band manager to create this tale. Ms. Adams provides you with information that helps you understand these characters & the worlds they live in.

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