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Who do you choose your next book?

I cannot even guess on many people. But for me it revolves around the cover, title & what the book is about.
Oh I have my favorite authors, but even they can let you down ever so often. It’s not that the book is bad, for me it’s just not up the the standard I expect from them. (But that’s life, right?)

The cover … has to draw my attention to it out of all the books or eBooks around it. If the cover doesn’t pull me in, I usually find the book/eBook to be rather boring & not worth my time. But I will read to the end … even if I have to take breaks a lot!!!

The title … I love interesting titles. If they make me laugh, I will read. If they are silly or quirky, I will read. After all the title of the book is suppose to be that catches your eye, right? Makes you want to check out what the books about.

What the book is about, that can always draw you in more or it can turn you away. For me I check it out, if it’s one of those so-so, I will still read it because the other two caught my attention. I add it to my never-ending-reading-list!! Does this have to be outstanding to make you want to read the book, for me if it’s dull & boring … it won’t ever make that list. But I am willing to TRY anything else.

My other favorite thing to do is have a few of the list & choose from them. Looking over titles, covers & what the book is about … then picking the one or two that I like the best. Then I dive in.

I bounce between GoodReads, OverDrive, Amazon & NetGalley a lot. NetGalley provides me with free books (they have so many listed it’s not funny), all they ask is once I am finished I provide my honest opinion. Which I do, I post it here & once it’s published I copy it to all three of the above.
GoodReads has suggestions for me. Along with many GR members who give their reviews on a book. Those are great to read because it will either give me that push to read the book, or move on to the next one. They are usually right on the spot.
Amazon … with Prime I get free reads. But since I have a Kindle, I also have to option to get other free books. Which lead me to new authors that I can purchase their books or check with OverDrive to see if they are available. (I wish I had all the money in the world to purchase all the books I run across, but I don’t Crying face )
OverDrive … this is an online library. You can access you local library (make sure you have a card or account). I have access to 3 different library’s, which I truly love. My local library, Army MWR Library, and the one my Mom use to use (because I was there so often I got an account). Now, if you are in a military community, you will have to make use you update your account, usually, yearly. With MWR, every time you get a new ID  you will have to update your account. I have found that in towns where military is not connected, they don’t update your account. But you can run across all different types of books using OverDrive. (and save a little money)

When  you choose the next book to read or add to your list, think about how you do decide. How that patricidal book got your attention over the rest? Was the cover better than the others, was the title something that made you look twice? Or did you choose it just because one of your favorite authors published it? Did some of your friends talk about it & made you want to read it? Or are you taking a chance on a new author? Where you asked to review the book?


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An Unwilling Husband ~ Tera Shanley

an unwilling husband

This is one of those books where the title is why you start reading it. Or maybe that is just me … LOL who really knows. I found this book to be interesting.

Margaret is brought up to be a lady of high society. Named after her aunt, who despised her for reasons she did not learn until she was an adult. Torn from the only person she new as her father at a young age because her mother could not handle the old west town they lived in. Margaret runs from Boston to the place she only hopes will accept her without the harsh judgment that she has received all her life.

Being in Garret Shaw, the only person Margaret has ever loved. Sadly, he sees that her leaving with her mother as a betrayal … not only for him but also for her father. Duty to her dying father forces them to wed … from there things have there ups & downs. But in the end, it comes down to if they can understand & let go of the past.

Ms. Shanley has created an interesting tale that draws you in & keeps you reading. I have read from her, but she has been able to go from one genre to another & still keeps you wanted you to keep reading.

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PODs ~ Michelle K. Pickett


Walking into your home & your parents quickly turning off the TV. Now, most would think “porn,” in this case it “the end of world” report. Instead it turns into “pizza & game night.”

After this the government, choose by “random,” the survivors of this plague to live in “POD’s” for at least one year. Which they are “hoping” give the plague time to kill itself off …  or whip our mankind. Which ever comes 1st ….


Ms. Pickett’s writing is pretty good. She does not go into extreme detail of what the disease is … thank goodness for me, that gets to be far to boring … but does go into enough to know it’s pretty horrid.
The way she creates the character’s, she brings you to like or despise them. Like Josh, the POD’s prick, who is rude & slobby plus he think the world OWES him. You just want to crawl into the book & slap him around a few times to see if  you can knock him into common sense. Then  you have Eva, who is you MC, and you have decent feelings for her. She is a decent person, caring and honest, who sadly has to run into a few types of individuals that will make her wonder about the world.

Ms. Pickett’s describes a world, pretty much like the one we live in, facing a plague that many of have prepped for. Or rather it’s on their prep list, I think. The end of mankind by disease or plague. She does a great job, in my opinion, describing the government.

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The Inventor (The Legend Chronicles 0.5) ~ Theresa Meyers


Sir Turlock is one of the best Inventors in England. Currently, he is showing his invention to the Queen in hopes of invited to become one of the scientist who work for the kingdom.
Lady Hargrieve is not your typical “lady” of the times. She loves to tinker with anything she can get her hands on. Her father allows this only to get the knowledge she discovers about each scientist & their work.
A short but sweet love story between two like minded individuals. One of true love that you can see from the start.

But being apart of the world where things are not exactly what they appear … that always changes things, right? Lady Hargrieve’s family is part of the Hunter’s, and she holds the something of value. She is hunted because of it.
In the end, Sir Turlock must choose her safety over his desires. Her safety over his love. Which is better? Or are they safer together?

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Girl Parts ~ John M. Cusick


Actually read the book, without jumping to the wrong conclusion, you will find it’s a pretty decent read. For a parent/grandparent, it is a good read because it brings younger life into perceive … into a view I had not seen before. Then placing the reader so they understand three view points.
Mr. Cusick did a decent job describing 3 (in my opinion) well developed main character’s. Plus the extras, as well as the story to back their story … it will either just suck you in or have you walking away. (It’s that type of tale.)
Two completely opposite teen boys, add a “teen girl” for a companion. Actually, you are given Rose, our “teen girl,” who comes to life on David’s drive-way, as his companion. Rose is “treatment therapy” for David to overcome dissociation. It would seem that “in today’s society we have” that issue far too often in teens. David’s parent’s decided to use the “companion therapy” for him. Charlie, who was given the same choices, decided on counseling. David & Charlie are connected to Rose in different ways, and her to both of them.
But sadly from here you must read to learn the rest. LOL no spoilers this time 🙂 🙂 🙂

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Note to Self: Change the Locks ~ Heather Balog


What would you do (if you had one) you ex-husband showed up right before you were suppose to get MARRIED? In your apartment, that you LOCKED, because you never changed the lock or moved from the same place you lived with him?
Ring Lock

Well, our MC Elizabeth is about to find out. Because in walks Simon, needs a place to stay after getting evicted from his apartment. So, he runs to HER for help.

That is NOT the 1st problem. Elizabeth has YET to tell her current FIANCE, Austin, about her 1st marriage & Simon in general.

Now, most of us would not end up in this situation … right? But our poor Elizabeth seems to be a walking CLUTZ that ends up in situations like this just by simply breathing. (Kind of makes my heart go out to her, a lot!)

Most of us would lock ourselves in our rooms & dial 911. But she seems to have such a sweet heart, that she does try to help. Ladies, we have to give her a hand, because she really tries to give her ex help.

The story is interesting & worth the read. If you read like I do, sometimes you need that “break” to easy your mind … or you will never sleep because of the stories you read LMAO. I really enjoyed reading this story.
I will keep this writer for future “break” reads!!!

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The Remaining ~ DJ Molles


Men assigned to special assignment. Catch … no attachments. No wife, no kids, no family basically. Duty is to live, when notified, to live in a shelter below their homes. Homes built to survive most attacks, bunkers that look like homes, with secret bunkers hide below them.bunkers

Only this time, the threat is real.  This threat is one they didn’t tell the squad about, a bacteria that turns humans in to “hyper-aggressive predators.” One that was released to destroy the world by a fool, who thought his “type” would live.

Now, our MC Capt. Lee Harden (US Army) must decide to enter the world to stay in the bunker.

There are a few funny mess ups here & there but the book is decent & it makes you wonder if we actually had a zombie apocalypse if it would be anything like this. Half way though you end up comparing this book to what you have seen on watching on Walking Dead (I love that show). It makes you really think & wonder with a lot of “what if?”

This is a great story to read. It will give you some ideas to consider but most of all it is one damn good read. I cannot wait to read book two.

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