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PODs ~ Michelle K. Pickett


Walking into your home & your parents quickly turning off the TV. Now, most would think “porn,” in this case it “the end of world” report. Instead it turns into “pizza & game night.”

After this the government, choose by “random,” the survivors of this plague to live in “POD’s” for at least one year. Which they are “hoping” give the plague time to kill itself off …  or whip our mankind. Which ever comes 1st ….


Ms. Pickett’s writing is pretty good. She does not go into extreme detail of what the disease is … thank goodness for me, that gets to be far to boring … but does go into enough to know it’s pretty horrid.
The way she creates the character’s, she brings you to like or despise them. Like Josh, the POD’s prick, who is rude & slobby plus he think the world OWES him. You just want to crawl into the book & slap him around a few times to see if  you can knock him into common sense. Then  you have Eva, who is you MC, and you have decent feelings for her. She is a decent person, caring and honest, who sadly has to run into a few types of individuals that will make her wonder about the world.

Ms. Pickett’s describes a world, pretty much like the one we live in, facing a plague that many of have prepped for. Or rather it’s on their prep list, I think. The end of mankind by disease or plague. She does a great job, in my opinion, describing the government.


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Girl Parts ~ John M. Cusick


Actually read the book, without jumping to the wrong conclusion, you will find it’s a pretty decent read. For a parent/grandparent, it is a good read because it brings younger life into perceive … into a view I had not seen before. Then placing the reader so they understand three view points.
Mr. Cusick did a decent job describing 3 (in my opinion) well developed main character’s. Plus the extras, as well as the story to back their story … it will either just suck you in or have you walking away. (It’s that type of tale.)
Two completely opposite teen boys, add a “teen girl” for a companion. Actually, you are given Rose, our “teen girl,” who comes to life on David’s drive-way, as his companion. Rose is “treatment therapy” for David to overcome dissociation. It would seem that “in today’s society we have” that issue far too often in teens. David’s parent’s decided to use the “companion therapy” for him. Charlie, who was given the same choices, decided on counseling. David & Charlie are connected to Rose in different ways, and her to both of them.
But sadly from here you must read to learn the rest. LOL no spoilers this time 🙂 🙂 🙂

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