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A Duke by December (A Year W/Out the Duke #5) ~ Sabrina Darby

duke by dec

Every so often I find historical romances. The title interests me, or in this case the series, and I start reading. I must say that I am pretty impressed that they were able to put together this series with a variety of authors.

Growing up dirt poor can really mess some individuals up. But imagine that the girl you “love” is at a higher social level than you. What would you do when you were told ‘no’ to the request to marry her & then discover she was to be married to someone from the same social level as her family?
For Nathaniel Hughes the answer is simple, leave for America. Create your own future just to show that fool that you are far better than they see you from the tips of their noses. Which is exactly what the new heir of the Beckworth estate has done for himself. Only now, he has to head back to merry ol’ England to become the Duke of Beckworth.
Yes, he could turn it down. But this is a man of honor, who accepts the challenge. Bringing along his secretary Elizabeth Smith & her brother.

Ms. Smith will follow Mr. Hughes around the world. He saved them in the Arkansas Territory. He then taught her, and eventually she became his secretary. Helping with with all business matters … which is some what OK in America but not exactly something the approve of in England.

In this story, you have a unique look on one authors view of how America use to be. It’s shocking, in some ways. But Ms. Darby proved that what she started in a novel. I am highly impressed with how she created this story, involving much more than two simple individuals. She involves a lot more.

As for the series … yes, I had to read them all. “Bloody Hell” how was I to find out what happened to all the extra characters in the book. (Just keep reading the letters from the head housekeeper & lawyer … they are interesting & would have made a GREAT story to go with this series!)


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Note to Self: Change the Locks ~ Heather Balog


What would you do (if you had one) you ex-husband showed up right before you were suppose to get MARRIED? In your apartment, that you LOCKED, because you never changed the lock or moved from the same place you lived with him?
Ring Lock

Well, our MC Elizabeth is about to find out. Because in walks Simon, needs a place to stay after getting evicted from his apartment. So, he runs to HER for help.

That is NOT the 1st problem. Elizabeth has YET to tell her current FIANCE, Austin, about her 1st marriage & Simon in general.

Now, most of us would not end up in this situation … right? But our poor Elizabeth seems to be a walking CLUTZ that ends up in situations like this just by simply breathing. (Kind of makes my heart go out to her, a lot!)

Most of us would lock ourselves in our rooms & dial 911. But she seems to have such a sweet heart, that she does try to help. Ladies, we have to give her a hand, because she really tries to give her ex help.

The story is interesting & worth the read. If you read like I do, sometimes you need that “break” to easy your mind … or you will never sleep because of the stories you read LMAO. I really enjoyed reading this story.
I will keep this writer for future “break” reads!!!

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