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Who do you choose your next book?

I cannot even guess on many people. But for me it revolves around the cover, title & what the book is about.
Oh I have my favorite authors, but even they can let you down ever so often. It’s not that the book is bad, for me it’s just not up the the standard I expect from them. (But that’s life, right?)

The cover … has to draw my attention to it out of all the books or eBooks around it. If the cover doesn’t pull me in, I usually find the book/eBook to be rather boring & not worth my time. But I will read to the end … even if I have to take breaks a lot!!!

The title … I love interesting titles. If they make me laugh, I will read. If they are silly or quirky, I will read. After all the title of the book is suppose to be that catches your eye, right? Makes you want to check out what the books about.

What the book is about, that can always draw you in more or it can turn you away. For me I check it out, if it’s one of those so-so, I will still read it because the other two caught my attention. I add it to my never-ending-reading-list!! Does this have to be outstanding to make you want to read the book, for me if it’s dull & boring … it won’t ever make that list. But I am willing to TRY anything else.

My other favorite thing to do is have a few of the list & choose from them. Looking over titles, covers & what the book is about … then picking the one or two that I like the best. Then I dive in.

I bounce between GoodReads, OverDrive, Amazon & NetGalley a lot. NetGalley provides me with free books (they have so many listed it’s not funny), all they ask is once I am finished I provide my honest opinion. Which I do, I post it here & once it’s published I copy it to all three of the above.
GoodReads has suggestions for me. Along with many GR members who give their reviews on a book. Those are great to read because it will either give me that push to read the book, or move on to the next one. They are usually right on the spot.
Amazon … with Prime I get free reads. But since I have a Kindle, I also have to option to get other free books. Which lead me to new authors that I can purchase their books or check with OverDrive to see if they are available. (I wish I had all the money in the world to purchase all the books I run across, but I don’t Crying face )
OverDrive … this is an online library. You can access you local library (make sure you have a card or account). I have access to 3 different library’s, which I truly love. My local library, Army MWR Library, and the one my Mom use to use (because I was there so often I got an account). Now, if you are in a military community, you will have to make use you update your account, usually, yearly. With MWR, every time you get a new ID  you will have to update your account. I have found that in towns where military is not connected, they don’t update your account. But you can run across all different types of books using OverDrive. (and save a little money)

When  you choose the next book to read or add to your list, think about how you do decide. How that patricidal book got your attention over the rest? Was the cover better than the others, was the title something that made you look twice? Or did you choose it just because one of your favorite authors published it? Did some of your friends talk about it & made you want to read it? Or are you taking a chance on a new author? Where you asked to review the book?


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OverDrive ~ Online Library

I found this by chance. My favorite library had a business card:
“ENJOY eBooks & audiobooks on your computer, phone, tablet or iPad”

So, I pulled it up on the computer & fell in love Red heart. I registered thought my library, but then later found I could also link it to my FB, and have a wider access to other libraries (that I am a member of).
Now, keeping that in mind, I wish that they could link the military libraries to the public libraries … but sadly they don’t. SO … keep that in mind.

To use other libraries, you will need your library information. (I am looking all over for one of my library cards now, one that I use when I am visiting my dad)
But wishing I kept my other library cards from the states I have lived in … LOL the life of the military family (now retired).

This online Library has Ebooks (Kindle & eBook format … but check for other options I have found a Nook app for it), Audiobooks, plus Videos.
You are given a “checkout limit” & “hold limit” (6 for civilian & 10 for military). You can have the option to save the titles for books you want to read under the “wish list.” You can, also, recommend titles for your library (“Your library can limit how many titles you’re allowed to recommend in a given period of time, so if you’ve hit your limit, just wait a few days, then try again.”). Of course, they will have a list of titles they will recommend for you.
You can rate the books you have read too. From 1 start to 5 stars. For those of you who use GoodReads, you might find this helpful. But they don’t give you the option to do a review on the book, which you can through GoodReads.

They have a “Book Club Picks” … some of the books look interesting but I have not found my favorite type of books on there. (Oh well ..) But that is just the beginning of the lists they provide.
Through the OK Virtual Library, they have “Congressman Tom Cole’s Reading List” … yippy for him to have his own special list, but I am sure there are people who will be interested in it. (Yes, I looked at the list. He’s got JRR Tolkien on it Thumbs up)
Another of my libraries has “Hot off the ePress” containing 1547 options. (No, I only looked at a few, or my wish list would have been though the roof!)
”Lost in the Stacks” has 10647 options to choose from. As much as I don’t care for lists, this one has a wide option of materials. (Oh how I miss this library Broken heart … but large cities just do that to you)

Get you butts over to OverDrive, set up your account. Find your libraries. Complete your profile, this helps them complete the “Recommended for You” list. (Hey you might find some decent options on it)

OH … it does have an app option. (sorry almost forgot)

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Blood by Moonlight ~ Jocelynn Drake, Terri Garey, Caris Roane


Enjoyed the stories. I always find it so interesting then they group together short stories into on book. The how & why always cross my mind. But in the end, I am just content to simply enjoy.

Gage standing up to the Winter Court. As if Gage doesn’t have enough in his live to deal with, he’s asked by the Alpha for help. (Yes, the same one he turned into a Chihuahua for two weeks ID-10069827)
It is time for the Winter Court’s Wild Hunt87b427b79c369de499e33ff76809be0b, during the full moon. In steps a request, and Gage being who he is … well, we all know that he just has to do something.

The two witches who must stand together to fight off evil. One witch is highly pissed that her home was sold, and the current owner REFUSES to sell it back to her. But he’s got a few secrets up his sleeve, ones that will slightly shock her. Also, there is a ghost with her own agenda.

Reading about how a bond can be created between Vamp & human (hot & steamy). Some use it for “true love” while others simply use it to bound humans simply for blood. This specific human has completely driven this Master Vamp complete crazy. From there is becomes interesting, as well as hot & steamy. (this one has few sex scenes in it)85a7085c247e2cfce64721e86f8d9427



Plus the excerpts from the 2 other books, gives provides you with other tales to read. Or at least when I checked out the Kindle Version from the OverDrive library. (Yes, people that link is so worth having!!!)

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